Career Presentation: Veterinarian

Kaylee Odom

Job Description

Veterinarians diagnose, treat, help prevent, and do many other things for animal sicknesses and injuries. They test the animals and watch for symptoms of sicknesses. They perform a variety of surgeries, prescribe medication, and offer treatments.

Work Conditions/Salary/Characteristics

Veterinarians work indoors in clinics or labs. They usually work in bright lighting.

Vets make about $80,000 a year, lows being $50,000 and highs being $140,000.

Veterinarians need to be very patient, caring, and emotionally strong.

Pros: Lots of time with animals, helping animals in need, putting a smile on someone's face; Cons: Euthanizing animals, difficult patients, long hours

Edu. BG/Employment Outlook/Career Ladder

You must have four years of college and a diploma at an accredited university/college and a state license.

Employment is supposed to raise 9% to 22%, according to different experts, by 2022.

This job does not have a career ladder.

Related Occupations/ Career Cluster

Doctor, Nurse, Orthodontist, Animal Trainer

Health Science Cluster