Lab Safety

By Peyton Barron

Safety Rules

1.Always wear your goggles

2.Wear an apron whenever you are doing a experiment that could stain your shirt

3.Tie your hair back to keep it away from flames, equipment, and chemicals

4.Roll up long sleeves

5.Remove or tie back any jewelry that could hang down and touch chemicals and flames

6.Always read the directions before beginning an expiriment

7.No horseplay in the lab

8.Do not eat or drink in the lab

9.Keep your area clean and tidy at all times

10.Always report injuries to the teacher

Lab Safety Symbols

1.Safety Goggles- Wear safety goggles to protect your eyes in any activities involving glassware, chemicals, heating, or flames.

2.Lab Apron- Wear a lab apron to protect your skin and clothing from damage.

3.Breakage- Handle breakable materials such as glassware, with care. Do not touch broken glassware.

4.Heating- Use a champ or tongs to pick up hot glassware. Do not touch hot objects with your bare hands.

5.Flames- Before you work with flames, tie back loose hair and clothing. Follow instructions from your teacher about lighting and extinguishing flames.

6.No Flames- When using flammable materials, make sure there are no flames, sparks, or other exposed heat sources present.

7.Hand Washing- Wash your hands thoroughly when finished with the activity. Use all antibacterial soap and warm water. Rinse well.

8.Heat Resistant Gloves- Use an oven mitt or other hand protection when handling hot materials such as hot plates or glassware.

9.Sharp Object- Scissors, scalpels, knifes, needles, pins, and tacks can cut your skin. Always direct a sharp edge or point away from yourself and others.

10.Animal Safety- Treat live or preserved animals or animal parts with care to avoid harming the animals or yourself. Wash your hands when you are finished with the activity.

Keep yourself SAFE!!!

Animal Safety

Wear Apron

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Sharp Object

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Wash Hands

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