Teagan S.

What Is Typhus?

Typhus: I bet when you hear the word "typhus" a terrible vision comes to your head. Typhus is a group of related diseases caused by micro organisms and is classified between bacteria and viruses, know as Rickettsies. Typhus diseases can be charectorized by high feavers and an early onset of a rash or headache. Not only is typhus the worst thing in the world, but typhus can lead to a lot of disasters in your life.

What Are The Symptoms Of Typhus?

Typhus can include symptoms such as rash, weakness in the body, dizziness, penalization in bloodstream, and lots more. Typhus can lead to baldness or a life time in a hospital. Could you imagine being stuck at a hospital every day, crazy right! Cardiac filature may cause dreadful things such as death; classified as an epidemic, and endemic scrub, and also thick bone. Having typhus is a lot worse than strep, stomach bug, and even LICE!!!!

Man, could you imagine having something worse than lice, YICKES!

Can Typhus Be Cured?

I bet after all of this talking about typhus has gotten you really worried, but don't worry there is a cure! Of course you might have to be patient but hay, its worth it.....right? So before you actually get typhus you have to be cautions of all the different ways to get typhus. By getting typhus you can either be in a very crowded and unsanitary conditions and has actually historically been a MAJOR killer during war time but don't worry, we have a lot of good doctors that know what they are doing so never to fear the doctors are here.....in the 21st century! To cure typhus you should use a treatment of antibiotics such as azithromllcin, doxycycline, tetracycline or chloramphenicol. Thank goodness we have cures, how would you feel if you had typhus and you couldn't CURE IT!!!!!!!!