Jay Gatsby

Bio Poem


Young, wealthy, friendly, mysterious

Son of Henry Gatz

Lover of Money, Parties, and Daisy Buchanan

Who feels sad that Daisy never came to his parties, happy that she loves him, and mad that she can't tell Tom she never loved him

Who needs money to live the lifestyle he does, his neighbor, Nick, to talk to, and for Dasiy to tell Tom that she never loved him

Who gives help to those who ask, parties to people who come, and not total honesty to those who inquire

Who fears snakes, bees, and spiders

Who would like to see various places around the world, snow in the winter, and Daisy as his wife

Resident of West Egg


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Symbol 1- Money

Gatsby Screams money. Everything Gatsby does, he does big. He throws huge parties for people he doesn't even know, he lives in a huge mansion with just himself and servants, he dresses fancy and in what I woud assume is the latest fashion, and spends a lot of money on everything he does. In the book they make a point to "show" the reader how much money he has, and it is something that is very largely associated with him.

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Symbol 2 - Shades of Gray

This might seem like a weird symbol but to me it makes complete sense. Gatsby is not black and white. Nothing he does is simple or has a clear reason. Everyone has different stories of what they think his life is, and different rumors of what they have heard. Plus he tells lies himself, or makes his stories very vague. The reader doesn't really know what his life story is until way later, when he finally tells Nick the truth of his life. So until you learn what his life is, it is really just shades of gray.


"He smiled understandingly-much more than understandingly. It was one of those rare smiles with a quality of eternal reassurance in it, that you may come across four or five times in life."

-Nick Carraway- Page 52

This quote definitely stood out to me. This is just the first part of the quote, there is much more to it. When Nick took over a paragraph to describe a single smile that Gatsby gave him, it made me think about what that smile would look like. It talks about how it understands and believes what you want it to and what you were trying to get across by what you said. It really shows that Gatsby can be very understanding in a way, and reassures people of what they have said. They way that the smile is portrayed makes me want to see a smile like that sometime.