Trevor Codington

Trevor Codington: Tips for Applying to Law School

The application process for any college can be stressful‒especially law school. Gaining admittance into a prestigious law program is extremely competitive, so it is important to stand out on your application. Trevor Codington is a graduate of the UCLA School of Law and is a law associate with Abbey, Weitzenberg, Warren & Emery, P.C. Trevor Codington is aware of the difficulties that come along with applying to law school, but he encourages students to not get intimidated by the process. Here Trevor Codington offers useful advice to make the application process less demanding.

Understand the process. Trevor Codington notes that applying to law school is a lengthy process and it is important to be aware of all of the variables. All law schools have different application requirements and deadlines, so it is important to visit their websites and make sure you have a checklist for each school. Trevor Codington states that in general all schools require you to take the LSAT and schedule a personal interview.

Ace the LSAT. Trevor Codington is convinced that students need a high LSAT score to get into a prestigious program. Although your GPA will be taken into consideration, the LSAT is of utmost importance while applying to a program. Trevor Codington recommends taking multiple practice tests and enrolling in a preparation course.

Make good grades. Although acing the LSAT is crucial, it is still important to have a solid GPA. Admissions committees expect good grades in your junior and senior years of college. Trevor Codington notes that you should enroll in advanced coursework to show your intellectual maturity.

The Benefits of CrossFit: Trevor Codington

Are you bored at the gym? If you are tired of your typical gym routine, perhaps CrossFit is your answer. CrossFit is a fitness plan that combines constantly varied high intensity functional movements. Trevor Codington is a Level One CrossFit coach who works at the CrossFit 38 Degrees North gym in Petaluma, California. As an individual who has witnessed results from the program, Trevor Codington believes that CrossFit presents many advantages that normal workout plans cannot offer. Here Trevor Codington highlights some of the primary advantages of engaging in a CrossFit program.

You will not get bored. Trevor Codington notes that CrossFit programs are always changing, so they will always hold your interest. Most trainers make a ‘Workout of the Day’ to ensure that your routine gets changed up! Trevor Codington states that the constant variety leads to a challenging and fun workout experience.

Variety. Trevor Codington is convinced that the continuously changing routines can improve strength and overall fitness better than traditional workouts. CrossFit utilizes several different workout styles, which leads to a well-rounded and complete fitness regimen.

High-intensity intervals. Trevor Codington states that high-intensity intervals help increase speed and strength‒all while burning fat. Athletes who engage in CrossFit will be able to cut their gym time in half because they get strength training and cardio workouts unanimously.

Semi-private classes. Trevor Codington notes that if you struggle to stay motivated, CrossFit is a great solution. You will attend a class that is customized to your unique fitness abilities, which ensures it is at your speed. Additionally, you will have the encouragement of others in your class to stay on track!

The Life and Times of Petaluma with Trevor Codington

Trevor Codington is a father of three beautiful daughters as well as a successful attorney. He lives in the city of Petaluma, California and he enjoys the city a great deal. He would like to share some details about the city, as he thinks everyone should visit Petaluma at least once in their lives.

  • A Brief History of the City. Trevor Codington believes that to understand a city, you must know a bit about its history. The area where the city resides today was originally inhabited by Native Americans until the Spanish took the area over in 1776. Eventually, American pioneers took the land and the city soon became known for grain milling and chicken processing. Today, Petaluma is known for having a strong base in agriculture. It specializes in vineyards, vegetable and dairy farms, and more.
  • The Economy. Today, the economic base of Petaluma is still based in producing their own agricultural goods. There are a number of farms that still operate in the area today. There is also a concentration of producing high quality alcoholic beverages. Trevor Codington is a fan of the vineyards that produce delicious wine. He also supports the local brewery that produces tasty beers all year round.
  • The Waterfront. Many tourists and residents of Petaluma enjoy the waterfront area. Trevor Codington says that there is always something interesting going on at the waterfront. There are a variety of shops and restaurants for people to visit, and there are often parades to be entertained by.

Great Vacation Spots. One of Trevor Codington’s favorite aspects of Petaluma is that he loves that he only has to walk a few steps to find great places to go on vacation. There are a number of hotels near the water where tourists can relax away, providing endless fun-filled activities.

Trevor Codington on Being a Good Role Model

Trevor Codington knows a thing or two about success. He spends much of his time as a successful attorney, defending his clients with skill and integrity. He is also a loving father of three children. He would tell you his greatest achievement are the three girls that he loves so much. Believing in living a healthy lifestyle, Trevor Codington is also a favored coach of CrossFit. He wears many hats, and is a role model to many because of the success he has had as a professional, a father, and a coach. Below, he would like to share why he thinks it is important to be a good role model.

  • Leading by Example. Trevor Codington is a man who leads by example. Often times, he does not even see himself as a role model. He simply lives his life the way he thinks is best. However, he realizes the importance of showing others how to lead a better life. He understands that the choices he makes impacts a great deal of people, and so he strives to do his best. He also strives to pass this lesson along to his children, coworkers, and those he coaches.
  • Always Commit and Follow Through. One of the ways that Trevor Codington lives his life is by always following through with something he has agreed to. Making promises is easy; keeping those promises is what takes effort. He always advises to others that it is important to live up to a high level of standards by finishing what you start and always keeping the promises that you make.
Confidence is Key. No matter you decided to do with your life, being a role model means being confident in your abilities. It is important to love yourself and be proud of the things that you have accomplished.

Lead Student in Economics Department: Trevor Codington

Upon graduating with his Bachelor’s Degree in Economics, Trevor Codington received the award for Most Outstanding Graduate in his department. During his time at San Diego State University, Trevor Codington worked diligently to excel in his field as he had high hopes of attending Law School at UCLA and becoming a lawyer in the state of California thereafter. Fortunately, Trevor Codington realized these goals rather quickly and is now able to say he has worked for law firms for over 7 years.

His career has proven a success from the start and Trevor Codington continues his prosperous reputation currently at a law firm in Santa Rosa, CA. This is not the first firm he has worked for but Trevor Codington feels right at home in the public company and has worked there since August 2012. The company is smaller than Trevor Codington’s previous employers with a more prominent staff that he is honored to be a part of. He hopes to continue his career at this establishment and improve his skills as an attorney.

Trevor Codington has met many veteran attorneys that are still learning towards the end of their careers, and he hopes that he is able to be one of the fortunate people that are able to do so 30-40 years from now. He believes his success as a young Economics student helped encourage him to work hard in his academics and believe that he was capable of achieving his dreams. Trevor Codington thinks becoming a lawyer was one of the best moves he has made because it continually challenges him to be better and help others in every situation he can.

His daughters are still young but he tries to share with them his interest in Economics and hopes they can one day appreciate it like he does, and perhaps even earn the same honor in their department that he did.

Trevor Codington: Attorney at Law

Trevor Codington is a very intelligent lawyer currently working in Santa Rosa, CA. He has always been described as an organized individual that strives for order when everyone else gives into the chaos. These qualities have made him a very successful attorney and allowed him to keep his head straight in stressful situations.

What makes Trevor Codington a great lawyer is his ability to see the opposition’s perspectives on any given transaction. It is this quality that allows him to prepare so well for negotiations and figure out ways to convincing in his arguments.

It is often suggested that young lawyers pursue clerkship positions so they can learn from their superiors and take notes on important behaviors and habits that make them good at what they do. Trevor Codington fully admits to still observing his colleagues so that he is constantly learning and bettering himself as an attorney. In some cases, when Trevor Codington notices admirable qualities in fellow attorneys that he admires, he takes actual notes so he can reference them later and always be in the best mindset he can be. Part of being great at what he does demands Trevor Codington to be very observant and able to alter his demeanor accordingly.

Trevor Codington recently became a member of the Sonoma County Bar Association, a wise move professionally as becoming part of any Bar association introduces one to a plethora of wise, veteran lawyers willing to share their expertise. Even still, a few years after the fact, Trevor Codington makes use of the knowledge and skills he gained during his time there. For example, he learned the importance of knowing every piece of evidence and its effect on the case, as well as knowing each different argument the opposing side will try to present him with.

Trevor Codington: Why CrossFit is the Best Workout

As a Level-1 Certified CrossFit coach at CrossFit 38 Degrees North, Trevor Codington believes in pushing yourself to your limits and then going beyond them. He knows results are not always the easiest to come by; however, they are worth it if you’re willing to put some effort into it. CrossFit is not just a way to stay in shape, it is a lifestyle. You must eat well, get enough sleep, practice often, and know how to maintain mind over matter. If you are able to follow these steps, Trevor Codington says not only will you excel in the exercise regimen but you will also see a major improvement in the rest of your life.

CrossFit is better than other workouts like running or weight training because it encompasses the same skills involved in those exercises and then it doubles them! The training is intense, of course, but Trevor Codington says the camaraderie in the sport is unprecedented. It is a social experience as well as an internal test of will and if you keep up with it through the hard parts, you will be glad you did. Especially as a coach, the ability to teach and present the exercises is extremely vital but even as members of CrossFit, you must be willing to help one another.

Trevor Codington says he has grown up with athleticism running through his veins and now as an adult he finds more fulfillment with CrossFit than any other activity he participated in during his younger years. However, he does still encourage his three daughters to pursue an active lifestyle through whatever means they prefer whether that be ballet, basketball, soccer, or any other interest they develop. At the end of the day, Trevor Codington simply encourages movement and happiness together, no matter what your age.

Family Man Trevor Codington

While both a dedicated attorney and devoted coach, Trevor Codington still finds time to raise his three daughters. It is a busy lifestyle but he says he would not have it other way because it makes every day an adventure.

Trevor Codington believes having daughters has made him a better man because it has opened his eyes to what being a good person really is. Having daughters has taught him that a father needs to be the rock for a family, not only so he can command his children as he sees fit but so that they can know they’re capable of achieving their own aspirations because of his support. Trevor Codington wants to be an example to his children, one they can base future relationships off of and trust in their decisions because he has proven so loyal to them.

While he isn’t saying that he wouldn’t like to have a son, Trevor Codington enjoys being the first man in his daughters’ lives and he takes pride in raising them to respect themselves and love one another. Trevor Codington raises his daughters in Petaluma, CA because of his immense love for the state having grown up there himself.

He hopes one day that his daughters will grow up and raise their own children in California, staying close to Grandpa of course! But, as that is a long way off, Trevor Codington has simple hopes for now: that his children know that happiness is important in life, sometimes more than people let on, and that your family will always be there for you through both tough times and great times.

Even with a B.A. and a J.D. degree, Trevor Codington says his most fulfilling work takes place at home where he can watch his children learn and discover the world in their own way.

San Francisco Giants Fan: Trevor Codington

As a huge fan of baseball of his native California, it only makes sense that Trevor Codington is a San Francisco Giants fan. He attends the games as often as he can and likes to bring his daughters along so they too can enjoy America’s favorite pastime. Just for fun, Trevor Codington always tells his girls to bring along a baseball mitt just in case a foul ball makes its way to where they are sitting, which isn’t the most uncommon thing to happen.

Throughout the whole year Trevor Codington wears his Giants t-shirts and baseball caps, making sure everybody knows who he is watching during the season. He says that a man’s baseball team says a lot about him because they let everyone else know where your loyalties lie, and Trevor Codington firmly believes where people grew up should be their team of choice.

“There is just a special bond between a fan and his city’s team that starts as a kid. You can’t recreate that attachment if you move somewhere else and change your favorite team as an adult. It just isn’t the same,” declared Trevor Codington.

To be a great baseball fan, Trevor Codington says you have to know the sport and its players. During his weekends off, he studies up on contracts and trading as well as the training players are going through so that he can best understand the San Francisco Giant’s odds and figure out how their season may go. Trevor Codington believes the most exciting part of watching baseball is sitting on the edge of your seat in support of your team. The not knowing how a game will change from the first inning to the ninth is why Trevor Codington believes the game has prevailed as America’s favorite; no hard feelings Football.

The Networking Skills of Trevor Codington

Trevor Codington is a very successful lawyer who has worked hard throughout his life to get to the position he is in today. Regardless of his own personal struggles through endless nights of studying and seemingly never-ending tests and examinations, Trevor Codington knows that he would not have gotten half as far if it was not for the impressive and immense professional network that he cultivated for himself. Trevor Codington has spent much time in developing his professional network because he knows of the many advantages such a network provides to anyone who wants to succeed in life.

Trevor Codington never lets an opportunity to network escape his grasp. There are many events and social gatherings that can afford one a new and potentially priceless network contact. Whenever Trevor Codington heads out to such an event, he always makes sure that he is not lost in the crowd. He is prepared with a smile, graciousness, and most importantly, his contact information. In this day and age, that information goes beyond a simple business card; Trevor Codington makes sure to utilize online social networking sites such as LinkedIn, among others. With online social networking sites at his disposal, Trevor Codington rests easy knowing that at any time and almost any place, anyone interested in his credentials can easily look up his entire portfolio.

No matter the time or place, Trevor Codington is always open to meeting new people and adding them to his professional network. He understands the value of having a network like that in his life. He always makes sure to be honest and sincere when acquiring new contacts and is always pleasant and personable in professional and social settings. Trevor Codington knows that each new person added is a potential new opportunity for continued success.

Trevor Codington on Passing the Bar

The Bar Exam is the final step a law student has to go through before they become an attorney, but it is most certainly not an easy one. This exam can last two to three days depending upon the state you are taking it in. Trevor Codington is an attorney practicing in California and in addition to the multiple choice and essay questions, he had to go through a performance examination as well.

It is no secret that this final exam is meant to either make or break you. However, there are some tricks to the trade of passing the Bar Exam, and luckily enough Trevor Codington is willing to share some of them.

Take bar exam prep classes, as many as you can! Law school is hard enough but it doesn’t prepare you for the exam well enough on its own. You need to look outside your graduate courses to learn the information you need for the bar.

On the day of the exam, don’t even look at a book. Trevor Codington states that by avoiding books, you want to allow your mind to relax and come into the testing zone with as little preconceived notions of what you are about to face as you possibly can, otherwise you may psych yourself out too much. Your studying should have been going on over a long period of time, so much so that you are at ease without studying every last second up into you get the exam sheet.

Trevor Codington also suggests staying as healthy in body and mind as possible. Avoid alcoholic beverages and eat well so your body has the right nutrition to get you through the grueling days-long exam. You may not think you need every last vitamin you could get when you start but by the end of the test you will.

Trevor Codington on the Importance of Email

In today’s workplace, quicker is better. No one has time for regular mail and fewer people are willing to communicate through telephone. It seems that are face-to-face abilities are falling out the window the more we depend on the internet to sustain companies and relationships. Professional attorney at law, Trevor Codington agrees and states that email has become the best way of reaching people.

Email is great because it doesn’t cost anything more that you’d already be paying for your internet and it can be used right from home or the workplace. No running to the post office, racing to beat the mailman, in order to get your message delivered on time. In his professional relationships, Trevor Codington enjoys the fact the communicating through emails leaves no time wasted and can be done when most convenient for each party.

Trevor Codington also enjoys using email as a CrossFit coach because it allows him to keep in touch with his clients and their schedules. With so many applications on the smart phone and on computers, making sure scheduling conflicts do not happen is must easier than it has been in the past. For example, sometimes if something came up that made someone late they’d have to access a pay phone and then hope the other person was near their phone to answer. Oh how the times have changed, and Trevor Codington believes for the better!

As a lawyer, laws change often and keep Trevor Codington on his toes but he appreciates the fact that emails allow him to stay on top of his personal interactions and keep track of the way needs change for his clients. Things come up, priorities change, but with email you can always be aware of what’s happening when it’s happening and that makes it all seem more manageable.

Trevor Codington’s Departments of Law

When becoming a lawyer there are many different specialized areas you have the opportunity to go into. A big up and coming department of law is Environmental Law. As the country becomes more aware of their carbon footprint, more Environmental lawyers are working to keep the impact on the natural world as minimal as possible. Trevor Codington, a California attorney, says this is not always the easiest thing to do.

In his own professional career, Trevor Codington specializes in multiple departments: Real Estate, Corporate Law, Finance Law, and Legal Research. Each of these has their pros and cons, but they all give Trevor Codington a sense of purpose. Real Estate Law and Finance Law are ones he is rather partial towards because it gives him the ability to help others and see tangible results of his work.

Trevor Codington has worked for three different law firms as an associate before finding his niche at the current, booming firm he works for. He says each experience has taught him a great deal and allowed him to connect with very intelligent people with similar goals to himself. His coworkers from previous firms describe Trevor Codington as an extremely logical thinker that not only enjoys setting goals but thrives on achieving them as efficiently as possible while inspiring others along the way.

Currently at a successful law firm in Santa Rosa, CA, Trevor Codington enjoys being able to practice law in the state of California and hopes to remain with his lovely employers as long as he can. He enjoys the easy commute to work which in turn allows him to be around his family more. Trevor Codington is very pleased with his law departments but loves learning about other fields he has less expertise in. With online networking, he is able to find the time to keep in touch with other attorneys working on projects he is less familiar with.