Media Center Updates

March 21st Edition

Class Schedule

I'll be out of the building on Tuesday for a Visioning meeting with Dr. Wirt, Dr. Henry, Tara Hewitt, and Ryan Miller. I'm going to work on teaching the students power searches in Destiny so that they can access the ebook collection and other nonfiction resources. I'm still hoping to show them the NC Wise Owl website updates, but since it hasn't updated yet, I'll wait until after Spring Break. Please have students bring laptops to the library during their class time. The younger students will be provided with time to complete their required time on iStation in addition to library checkout.

Kim is moving down to the media center on Wednesday afternoon next week. To help with that effort, I'll be taking the 3rd and 4th grade classes into the computer lab.


Book circulations for February were 2,437, which is about 4 books per student. For March, we are already at 1,924 with another week to go. During the last week (Friday through Thursday), we have circulated 885 books. The circulation numbers for the same week last year was 414, so I've seen a huge jump in the number of books coming in and out.

Our top five classes for circulation for this week are the Wildcats, the Elephants, the Blue Lobsters, the Penguins, and the Makos! The Kindergarten class with the highest number of books checked out this week were the Watermelons. Good job everybody! I know we'll have higher numbers once the students get used to coming to the library every week.


I have the teacher checkout station up and running, and will keep this going for teachers. There was some confusion on one of the days I was not here, and students were not able to check out books. On another day, some students were told to leave with books without checking out. So, to preserve books and ensure that whenever students return books that they get books, I'm suspending self-checkout for right now.

If you'd like to search for books, you may use the desktop icon on your computers or the link here.

Flex Time

I wanted to be clearer about how the higher circulation number are impacting flex time in case parents are asking.

Since the schedule change, our circulations have been increasing. Based on previous weeks, I'm confident that our circulations this week will be closer to 1,000. Given these numbers, I would have to shelve between 200 and 250 books each day. I can shelve around 150 each day in the time that I have. I've changed some shelving to make it more efficient to shelve, trying to find a balance between speed and thoroughness that will still allow students to find books. I know that I'll be pulled out of the building for meeting at least four more times this year, and I'll be going on the 4th grade field trip in April. I'm requested Ms. Pearley for the remainder of these, hoping that since she's familiar with the system there won't be anymore confusion.

When students come down during flex time, I lose planning/shelving time. In addition, they bring books down that have to be shelved as well. The last day we did flex time I had 37 students came down within the first hour of school, and they checked in and out an additional 75 books.

I'm not saying all of this to complain or make excuses. I wanted to let you know all of the issues. When the schedule first changed, the sheer number of books was absolutely daunting. Now, as I get more used to it, I'm finding ways around it. I'm hoping that I can continue to adapt to allow for flex time again this year. If I am able to figure something out, I will let you know as soon as I can.

Thanks for being so patient. If you have parents with questions, please let me know or send them on to me. I'd be happy to answer any questions that they might have.

Media Center Calendar and Parent Newsletter

I embedded the media center calendar and a newsletter for parents on the Media Center website. If you're having an event that you'll need the library for, please refer to the calendar to make sure the space is open. Also, please let me know when you'll be using the library so that I can update the calendar for everyone else.

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