Daily Memo - Week of September 19

Building Successful Futures - Every Student, Every Day

Friday - September 23

Happy Friday!!

Pail of Pride


Office Schedules

Lindsey - 8:30 for the rest of the day Workshop in Eudora


B. Corey - C. Underwood

J. Coco -A Loew

K. Dove - None

K. Hines - D. Hansen

K. Schlanker - L. Schrick

M. Swenson - sick

Thursday - September 22

Busy day already with a morning Faculty meeting! This is coming out a little later than normal!!!

Office Schedules

Bryon 8:15 Bret Church

Matt - 9:45 Bret Church

Lindsey - 11:15 Bret Church


B. Corey - C. Underwood

T. Stone - D. McDermed

T. Wilson - In House

Fortune for the Day

"Courage is not the absence of fear; it is the conquest of it."

Wednesday -September 21

Just a reminder we do have a Faculty Meeting today at 3 and tomorrow at 7:15. Kaylene will be going over PDP toolbox and Bob will be going over updating our profiles on the webpage. Bring your computers.

Office Schedules

9 - 11:30 today we have our District Leadership Meeting. All three of us will be out of the building at that time.


B. Dimmitt - M McDermed

C. Crumb - L. Schrick

Fortune for the Day

This will be the last week of fortunes because I had to dump my fortune cookies because my little mouse in my office was eating all of them! The best part was he was taking bites out of the fortunes and leaving them on the floor!! They had so many bite marks I couldn't read the fortunes!

"Determination will get you through this."

Tuesday - September 20

Happy Tuesday! For the Faculty Meeting tomorrow and Thursday bring you computers. We will be working through PDP Toolbox and Bob will show you how to update your profiles on our website.

TWITTER - Also make sure you are posting something that is going on in your classrooms once a week. We will continue with it being one time per PLC team! I have already a few posted last week!

Office Schedules

Bryon - 9-11 Susan

Lindsey - gone all day in Wichita


A. Bartels - L. Schrick

A. Trowbridge - K. Vanderweide

A. Crawford - M. Bryant

L. Hansen

D. Hopson - D. McDermed

J. Meudt - S. Dunn

L. Kaveler - C. Underwood

Fortune of the Day

"Declare peace every day."

Monday - September 19

Happy day after Homecoming Week!! Thank you to everyone who made last week so special for our students! Saturdays day was a record with participation! I think we had close to 300 kids jam packed in to the gym dancing the night away! I posted a video on the high school Facebook page so take a peek at that when you have a moment!!

Faculty Meeting this week - You will NOT need your Marzano Binder. We will be covering PDP Toolbox and a couple of nuts and bolts. We will start Marzano at the next meeting.

Parent/Teacher Conference - Please make sure you are contacting parents about grades, we don't want next week to be the first time parents/guardians have heard from us if a student has been on the ineligibility list for multiple week. Ashley is actually documenting her parent contacts in powerschool under the log entry section. That way it's in a place we can get to quickly if we need to. It's already helped her out on a couple of occasions when a parent said no one contacted them and it was documented that she did!! Might be a good thing to try!!

Redmen Time


Pail of Pride


Office Schedules

Bryon - Workshop today - not in building

Lindsey - 9 or 10 Andrea Clements, 2:30 Susan, 6 College Class


M. Jansen - L Schrick

Fortune of the Day

"It does't matter, who is without flaw?"