Common Core Math 1

Systems of Equations

Case 1 - Shopping for Clothes

Suppose your parents give you $170 on tax-free weekend to go shopping for school clothes.  You find shirts on sale for $7.50 and pants on sale for $10 at Old Navy.  You need to buy twice as many shirts as pants.  Write the two equations needed to determine the number of shirts and pants that you can purchase for $170.  Use p for pants and s for shirts.  Then solve the system of equations.

Case 2 - Let's Go to Lunch

Suppose you and your friend are going to lunch.  You are at the Food Court in the mall and you decide to go to McDonald's.  They have two meal deal options.  Option 1:  you can buy 3 burgers and an order of french fries for $14.00.  Option 2:  you can buy 2 burgers and an order of french fries for $10.00.  Write a system equations to determine the cost of a burger and an order of french fries, use b for burger and f for fries.  What would be the cost for four burgers and two fries?

Math Practices-Make Sense of Problems, Reason Abstractly and Quantitatively, Model with Math, Attend to Precision