Volcano Splosion

Were YOU learn about volcano...s

how does it work

Volcano happen when magma below the earths crust gets pressured to come out of the openings in the crust and comes out and becomes lava. Some magma/lava will flow out and not really explode, but some explode out and then flows out.


1) Volcano's seem bad (they are) but can also form new land

2) Their is an AV of 35 erruptions per year

3) The worst volcano since 1980 is Ruiz, Colombia

Volcano's are formed by geological factors, and there are good and bad factors


-new land from dried lava

-and Jobs


-Deadly ash




Location: Most volcano's are around the pacific plate, and a lot in Hawii

Safety Procedures

  • A. Before Eruption
    • Get filter masks and goggles to protect the eyes, nose, and mouth.
    • Have canned goods,bottled water, and other emergency supplies with you just in case fallout occurs.
    • B. During Eruption
    • Follow all advisories and warnings about the eruption.
    • Avoid permanent danger zones.
    • Cover your nose with a wet cloth to aid in breathing, if ashfall occurs.
    • Cover food to prevent contamination.
    • Evacuate to higher grownd
    • C. After Erruption
    • When outside, wear googles, cover mouth and nose, and cover your skin to protect from irratation from ash contact.
    • Clear roofs of ash to avoid collapse.
    • Avoid driving in ash. This can clog engines and stall vehicles.

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