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eNewsletter December 2020/January 2021

Notes from the Principal

Recent weeks have brought with them some new and interesting ways of making learning happen. From Remote Learning, to e-learning, to Hybrid Learning, we've worked to meet the needs of students offering face-to-face instruction as much as possible considering the challenges Dearborn County continues to face regarding COVID 19. From a 95% attendance rate through Remote Learning to 94% attendance rate in Hybrid during the month of December, school marches on. And, now with Dearborn County Health Department's acknowledgement of school data relating to transmission or lack thereof, we are again allowed to attend full time in-person. Students in the building again are a welcome sight. It feels like "school" again. We're so proud of our students and staff for adjusting with each necessary transition. It has only been through these diligent efforts of students, staff, and community that instruction has continued and continued successfully. Thank you to all parents and community for your patience and help.

In academics, in spite of the many transitions first semester from in-person, to e-learning, to remote learning, to hybrid learning, students and staff still found great success. 650 students earned honor roll distinction, 384 of which earned exemplary honors meaning they received all As for the semester. This is an outstanding achievement considering the many challenges of Covid.

In athletics, Winter Sports are off to a great start with girls basketball, boys and girls swimming, and wrestling all winning nearly every contest to date. Our girls basketball team is, in fact, currently ranked 6th in the state and our Wrestlers remain undefeated winning the Team Duals 3A State Championship on January 2nd. It's been an exciting winter thus far even with the smaller crowds. A big thanks to Don Stonefield, athletic director, and all of our winter sports coaches and athletes for adhering to protocols in order to keep our seasons going. Additionally, a big thank you to Trojan Media Productions for bringing us into the action live week after week.

Congratulations to Heath Doll, this year's Dearborn County Lilly winner!

Lastly, we will continue to do everything we can to keep children safe and IN SCHOOL this year in whatever way possible. Thank you for all of your help and support in that effort.


“No leader is worth his salt who won’t set up the chairs.” Peter Drucker


Tom Black

School Breakfast and Lunch Update from Sunman Dearborn School Corporation

Sunman-Dearborn Community Schools is pleased to announce that the USDA has approved a
nationwide waiver due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic allowing ALL students regardless of
socioeconomic status, to receive FREE meals at school. We start this program effective
Monday September 14, 2020. According to the USDA, this program will continue until
the end of the 2020-21 school year or until funding runs out.

Notes from Mrs. Rosfeld; Curriculum

Semester 1 Report Cards

Parents and students may view Semester 1 report cards in the Power School Student/Parent Portal. Simply log in to the Power School Portal from a Chromebook or PC and select on Student Reports from the menu on the left side.

2021-22 Scheduling Process

Students will be working with their Guidance Counselors to schedule courses for next school year. The Curriculum Guide and the course request forms may be found on the school website under "Guidance". Students will complete their final course requests in their Power School portal. The deadline for students to complete this task is January 22.

2020-21 Advanced Placement Exams

Students enrolled in year-long AP courses have been registered to take the AP exam. Exam dates can be found on The College Board’s website. Please see this letter explaining the registration process and deadline.

Dual Credit Information for Parents and Students

Did you know ECHS has 45 courses that students can earn college credit in. Last year East Central High School students earned over $900,000 in college credit from Ivy Tech and Indiana University. Students and families can save the cost of an entire year of college by completing this STGEC checklist right here at ECHS. For fast facts of the STGEC click here or contact your child’s guidance counselor.

Class of 2023 & Beyond Graduation Pathway Requirement

For the first time in years, the class of 2023 and beyond will not have to “pass a test” to earn their high school diploma! Freshmen & Sophomores must complete what is known as “Graduation Pathways” to graduate high school in the state of Indiana. We are very fortunate at ECHS to be able to offer over 20 pathways for students to choose from. For questions, please contact your guidance counselor.

Associate Accelerated Program (ASAP) – Navigating the first year of college can be overwhelming. Ivy Tech in Lawrenceburg has a program in place to help students achieve their goal of a degree in 11 months. ASAP (Associate Accelerated Program) is a student focused program designed to support, encourage, and mentor students throughout their first year of college. This program is great for students who prefer smaller class sizes, who prefer to be on a first name basis with their professors, and who prefer to stay close to home. Ivy Tech is committed to student success by providing top-notch education at a competitive rate. ASAP allows students to gain confidence before transferring to a 4-year institution or entering the workforce. Contact BeWithIvy@ivytech.edu for more information.

Ivy Tech EdOpp Scholarship – Ivy Tech Community College – Lawrenceburg Campus is offering an EdOpp Scholarship to 2021 seniors in our service area, who attend Ivy Tech Lawrenceburg for the 2021 academic year. We are awarding students on a first-come, first-served basis, up to $5,000 per student, per year. We are extremely grateful for the generous funding provided by the City of Lawrenceburg. Scholarship funding will be distributed once a student registers for an academic semester. Contact R11Express@ivytech.edu for more information.

Indiana CTE Career Guide Now Available Online

The Indiana Office of Career Technical Education (CTE) and the Governor’s Workforce Cabinet are excited to announce that the Indiana CTE Career Guide is now available online. The Career Guide provides valuable information about Indiana CTE including sections on the benefits of CTE, Work-Based Learning, Graduation Pathways, Next Level Programs of Study, and Career Clusters. East Central offers 20 CTE pathways that students can choose from in Business, Engineering, Family and Consumer Science and Agriculture.

Trojan Food Pantry

Did you know that ECHS has a Food Pantry? It is available to all families that are in need of food as long as they have a student in Sunman Dearborn Schools. There are no additional requirements. The pantry is available by appointment only: 812-576-4811 ext. 11302, Ask for Brenda Osman or email bosman@sunmandearborn.k12.in.us


Mrs. Rosfeld


Notes from Guidance

Rhonda Murdock - rmurdock@sunmandearborn.k12.in.us

Scheduling process for the 2021-2022 school year will begin in January due to changes in Graduation Pathway options.

  • January: In lieu of our normal scheduling presentation, counselors will record a virtual class and parent meeting for scheduling. This video will be sent out, and parents/students are encouraged to follow up with counselors with specific questions.

  • February: Counselors will begin meeting with students individually to discuss registration, diploma types, and pathway requirements.

  • April: Students will receive schedules for 2021-2022.

  • May: Students have up until May 12th, the last day of school, to make changes to their schedules for 2021-2022.

Key items per grade:

Seniors: Remember, the FAFSA is now open until the April 15th deadline for Indiana. Students should follow up with counselors with admission issues or concerns and they will assist with contacting colleges with questions particular to the students’ needs.

Seniors are allowed two college visit days to explore or finalize colleges of choice. Deadlines are quickly approaching for college applications and guidance counselors are always available to assist as needed.

Seniors who are undecided about what to study after high school are encouraged to connect with Ivy Tech Community College’s Associate Accelerated Program (ASAP). This program helps high school graduates earn an Associate’s Degree in just 11 months and prepares them to transfer to a four-year college to earn their Bachelor's Degree. Contact Heather Gard at hgard3@ivytech.edu for more information.


ISTEP+: Since current Juniors were not able to complete the ISTEP+ last spring due to Covid restrictions, they will be testing in February to complete this state requirement. More information will be provided once specific dates and testing rooms are determined. Here is a hyperlink for access to a letter to families explaining spring testing requirements available in English and Spanish from the state.

SAT and ACT testing dates are available with most updated options in the attachments below. Juniors need to make sure that SAT and/or ACT testing is completed this year so they can apply to colleges upon the start of their senior year. Certain schools (UC, IU, Purdue, Miami Oxford, NCAA) require that test scores be sent directly from the testing center to be official. With Covid, colleges have been moving to test optional for admission but this could change the following year so testing is still recommended.

SAT: College Board - SAT, AP, College Search and Admission Tools

ACT: https://www.act.org/

Juniors and Sophomores:

Juniors and Sophomores took the PSAT in October. Test results have been distributed directly from the College Board to students who shared an email address. A test interpretation presentation will be sent to students so that they can better understand their scores and know how to prepare for future standardized testing. Students are encouraged to link their College Board account to Khan Academy for individualized test prep materials; this is explained in the presentation that will be shared.

Sophomores: Students interested in the Southeastern Career Center need to complete the enrollment form found HERE. This form has been posted in the English Google Classroom as well as emailed to students. Since we are not able to have in-person presentations this year, this VIDEO is available to students/parents to see what SCC has to offer especially for those who need an alternative option for Graduation Pathways.

Sophomores and Freshman: Scheduling will be completed by the end of February for the following year with changes accepted until the end of the year. Students should be focusing on grades and career/college exploration.

As always we are available to meet with students individually to support academic and emotional needs. Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions or concerns.

Rhonda Murdock

Director of Guidance


**National Honor Society Tutoring in the Library

Every Tuesday and Thursday 3pm-4pm.

**Do you have a study hall? Talk to your counselor about peer-to-peer tutoring during study hall.

**Talk to your teachers. Teachers arrive daily at 7:30am and could possibly help you before or after school.

**KhanAcademy.org Completely free online educational videos in all core classes.

**AskRose.org / (877) ASK-ROSE 24/7 homework help (Ran by the students of Rose Hulman Institute of Technology, Terre Haute, IN).


Over 2 million Hoosier adults need additional skills to compete in the 21st Century Workforce. To help more Hoosiers gain these skills, Indiana has created a new financial aid opportunity for working-age adults: the Workforce Ready Grant.


The Workforce Ready Grant pays the tuition and mandatory fees for eligible high-value certificate programs at Ivy Tech Community College, Vincennes University or other approved providers. The grant is available for two (2) years and covers up to the number of credits required by the qualifying program. The grant does not cover courses that do not directly apply to the student’s certificate program. Program-specific fees and equipment are not covered.


The qualifying high-value certificate programs were selected based on employer demand, wages, job placements and program completion rate. These programs are aligned with Indiana’s highest demand sectors:

  • Advanced Manufacturing
  • Building & Construction
  • Health Sciences
  • IT & Business Services
  • Transportation & Logistics


To qualify for the grant, students must:

  • Be age 18 years or older
  • Be an Indiana resident and U.S. citizen or (eligible non-citizen)
  • Have a high school diploma (or equivalent) but less then a college degree
  • Enroll in a qualifying program at an eligible training provider
  • File the FAFSA**
  • Enroll full-time (typically four courses) if you are a Dependent Student**
  • Enroll at least half-time (typically two courses) if you are an Independent Student**
  • Maintain Satisfactory Academic Progress**
  • Meet any other minimum criteria established by the Commission

**Credit-Bearing programs only


  • Visit the Next LevelJobs.org to connect with an eligible training provider
  • Submit a complete and corrected FAFSA (please allow 5-7 business days for processing).
    • Applicants do no need to meet the April 15th deadline for state financial aid
    • The Workforce Ready Grant is not limited by family income


Roy Johnson - rjohnson@sunmandearborn.k12.in.us

Students in Ag Power, Structure and Technology 1 have completed a unit on plumbing where they learned the correct method to solder copper pipe.

Students in Landscape Management recently planted 10 native trees including Sweet Gum, American Basswood, and Black Gum on the East Central campus as a part of a grant from Taking Root, a local tree planting group. Students learn industry approved planting skills on planting, edging and mulching. Students will continue to maintain the plants throughout the years.


Krista Hutzel - khutzel@sunmandearborn.k12.in.us

Mr. Sliger’s Advanced Accounting and Introduction to Accounting classes are continuing to learn in a “real-life” business environment. In Advanced Accounting, students are learning the different methods of depreciation and how they are applied towards different business industries. Among several assets, this includes vehicles, factory and office equipment, as well as buildings and land. In Introduction to Accounting, students recently completed the final steps in the accounting cycle. Students have completed financial statements for a service business; which include the Income Statement, Balance Sheet, and Post-Closing Trial Balance.

As both classes progress towards the end of the semester, they will be finishing the year by “running their own business” and completing the accounting cycle. Students will run their own real-estate company by playing Monopoly, and complete the accounting cycle as if it were their own business.

Engineering and Technology


Students in Computer Integrated Manufacturing and Computers in Design courses used 3D modeling software to design multi-layered holiday ornaments. Students then used software to prepare the models for cutting and engraving with the Hurricane laser machine.


Susan Ketcham - sketcham@sunmandearborn.k12.in.us

December 2nd is National Dog/Mutt Day, and in honor of the holiday, the ECHS English Department would like to introduce their furry canine friends:

Jem is Mrs. Tucker’s 6-year-old boxer. According to Mrs. Tucker, “Jem is the BEST dog in the USA!” Jem and her twin sister, Scout, were both named after characters from To Kill a Mockingbird. Unfortunately, the dogs viciously attack each other whenever they are together, so Scout lives with Mrs. Tucker’s son. Jem is known for being cuddly, wiggly, and sweet.

Mr. Meiner’s little furry friend is not so little. His St. Bernard is a sweet girl named Boomer who is seven years old. She loves to go outside and bark at everything. She weighs 135 pounds and eats approximately FIFTY pounds of dog food every month!

Mrs. Pieczonka has two adorable dogs. Otis is her 4-year-old wiener dog who loves his dad, cheese, and burrowing under blankets. Hanky is her baby Aussiepoo, still a pup at only 10 months old. He loves chewing on anything, giving kisses, and getting belly rubs. She said her family loves them so much!

Mrs. Cecil’s cuddly pal is a toy poodle/bichon frise named Tate. He is 7 years old and small, but he can jump very high.

Mrs. Ketcham says of her dog, “This is Baxter. He thought he was the sneakiest ornament stealer on the planet. He got caught. Now he’s a master at the side eye. 14/10 would still boop.”

Mrs. Stanley’s dogs Betty the Bloodhound and Brewski the Pug.

Mrs. Rose-Ronnebaum's six-month-old puppy is named Leo. He is a golden doodle who loves to play fetch with footballs, frisbees, and tennis balls. He lives up to the retriever part of his heritage by frequently bringing sticks and lost gloves as gifts for his family. He is a sweet and active pup who even enjoys swimming in the pool.


Brenda Osman bosman@sunmandearborn.k12.in.us

Introduction to Fashion and Textiles II

The Introduction to Fashion and Textiles Students would like to invite you to watch their Drowsy Driving Fashion Show that showcases their first project, pajama pants. Here is the link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R7NW4LgM8vM&t=2412s The class would like to thank Trojan Media Productions for their help in creating this virtual fashion show.

To finish the semester in Introduction to Fashions, students learned about stain removal and doing laundy. In addition students practiced sewing on knits by making knit and fleece headbands. They also made stockings prior to Winter Break. Upon return for Semester 2, the classes have begun to study both natural and manufactured fabrics and their uses.

Advanced Child Development

The Advanced Child Development students are currently studying the physical, emotional, social, and intellectual development of a one year old. Students have researched the physical development milestones and are currently working on understanding a feeding schedule of an infant. Students will also investigate toys that stimulate a baby’s brain development.

Education Professions I

The cadet teachers are excited to be back in the elementary and middle school classrooms. They are excited to work with their classes and their supervising teachers. This gives them real-life experiences about teaching. Currently, the cadet teachers are researching and learning about Child Development Theorists in the related class of Child and Adolescent Development.


Several members of the East Central FCCLA competed and placed in the National Virtual Leadership Experience. Our students did extremely well!
Big picture

Fine Arts

Melissa Gulasy - mgulasy@sunmandearborn.k12.in.us

I am writing this article today to show respect and love for East Central High School’s own Mr. Focke. Mr. Shun and I have worked with Mr. Focke for 14 years. Mr. Focke has been teaching 31 ½ years and 27 ½ years at East Central. My favorite memories of Mr. Focke are his humor and laughter. Mr. Focke always takes the time to greet each student as they walk down the hallway. I was always impressed by how he could take any student that was not a morning person and bring a smile to their face by his jokes and laughter. There were a few memories where his quick wit and sense of humor brought a smile to my face during a staff meeting! HIs generosity and kindness will always be remembered. There were times when Mr. Focke would put juice and a donut waiting on our desk to start our day. When I think of Mr. Focke, I am reminded of the following quotation by John Steinbeck, “I have come to believe that a great teacher is a great artist, and that there are as few as there are any other great artists. Teaching might even be the greatest of the arts since the medium is the human mind and spirit.” Mr. Focke, you are one of the great artists of the teaching profession. You have made a lasting impression on the world through the lives of the students you have taught. Thank you and happy retirement.

Ms. Amber Mueller is East Central High School’s new art teacher. She received her undergraduate degree in Graphic Design and Marketing from Northern Kentucky University. At Mt. St. Joseph, Ms. Mueller received her Master’s Degree in Art Education. Her hobbies include baking, roller blading, hiking, concerts, and anything that involved being outdoors. She loves Mexican and German food. She has many fond memories cooking German food with her grandmother. She loves celebrating the 4th of July and Halloween. For many years, she did the make-up for the haunted house, Dent School House.

When Ms. Mueller was in 5th grade, she was nominated for “teacher for the day” and “Most Likely to Be A Teacher”. She reflects back to that time and how that truly was her calling. You may have seen Ms. Mueller here at East Central for she has been a substitute teacher here for 9 years as she was finishing her education. During this experience, she discovered her love for teaching and her dream was to teach at East Central.

We are really excited to have her as a part of the East Central staff and family!

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Foreign Language

Matt Lyon - mslyon@sunmandearborn.k12.in.us

¡Feliz Navidad!

This is an exciting time for our Spanish students. They are learning about Christmas traditions and customs in Spanish speaking countries. They also are listening to Spanish Christmas music. Español IV is going to research a Christmas tradition or celebration particular to a given country. Español II also has been working on drawing a unique character and writing a mini story in Spanish. They are amazed at how much Spanish they know and are able to use when they need to. Pick your favorite!!


Juanita Reinshagen - jreinshagen@sunmandearborn.k12.in.us

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to everyone in the East Central community!

Mrs. Donohue, our AOK (Acts of Kindness)/math teacher, has some exciting things going on in her AOK Club. The AOK club will be hosting a Hat & Scarf drive for the homeless. The date has been extended until December 18th. These can be new or gently used. Our students do a great job getting involved in community projects, so anything you can do to facilitate their involvement is greatly appreciated. Our community also does a great job of coming together and helping each other and especially during this time of year!


Donna Tanner - dtanner@sunmandearborn.k12.in.us

Coming March 12, 13, and 14...Mamma Mia!

Big picture


Mark Foster mfoster@sunmandearborn.k12.in.us

It is very evident that the physical education students are excited to get back to work in their respective classes. We have advanced physical fitness students starting their second semester lifting programs. The freshman physical education students are enjoying the competition of table tennis. What a wonderful start to second semester.

Big picture


Tim Maluvac - tmaluvac@sunmandearborn.k12.in.us

These zoology students below are studying the morphological characteristics of the animal-like protist. These microscopic single-celled organisms are found in aquatic environments and are referred to as zooplankton.

Mr. Lamb's Chemistry-101 is working on a lab to graphically determine the limiting reactant in a chemical reaction through the mixing of different quantities of two different chemicals.

His A.P. Chemistry is working on a lab to determine what factors impact the speed/rate of a chemical reaction through experimentation and the writing of rate laws.

In Mr. Maluvac's Biology one classes they just finished taking part in three Protein Synthesis labs and are preparing for a chapter test this week.

Social Studies

Steve Lewis - slewis@sunmandearborn.k12.in.us

The Social Studies Department is excited that we are back in person for the second semester. There are many options students have with respect to our diverse courses in our department. We hope that this semester will be a successful one for our school and our community.


Don Stonefield - dstonefield@sunmandearborn.k12.in.us

For all sports related news, schedules, updates, etc. click on the following link or contact EC Athletics at 812-576-4811 ext 11932


For student athletes interested in eligibility-forms, physicals, transfers, etc. click on the following link or contact EC Athletics at 812-576-4811 ext 11932


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