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April 30, 2020 Week 7 of Covid Quarantine

New in eSchool- Important Comment Feature

They apologize that this wasn't ready in time for the IPR send. But for the NEXT IPR send you can add a comment that will indicate whether or not a student is participating in eLearning. Look on the IPR screen for a column that says COM at the top.
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Canvas Teacher App Update

the Canvas Teacher app there is now a Student View button to see what the app looks like when accessing it as a student. There is also the ability to mark Discussions as unread.

View the Canvas Teacher Release Notes (iOS 1.11)

Google Changes: Update to Sharing Interface

Google is changing the interface you use when you share a document to make it easier to see who has access and to allow users to keep as much restriction as possible to files. You can read all about it here. This will be rolling out gradually over the next 2 weeks.


Guys, I have responded to all of the flipgrid responses that you made (so far) in the classroom management course. Thank you for being so thoughtful with your responses and questions, and feel free to go back and reply if you want.

Want to learn a little more about Relay Classroom?

There is a "class" that is really short, that you can take online to get a little more info.

unfortunately it doesn't work at home. But it has been functioning since November so we should be good to go in the fall!

Just visit https://community.lightspeedsystems.com/courses/classroom-for-teachers/

Ideas for the Last Couple Weeks of School

Because grade cutoff is so early, you may be looking for some extra activities to share with your students. We know some students will be trying to finish up work from the year, but others may be looking for something to do! Here are a few ideas that you might consider:

1- Bulb Portfolio (here is a presentation you can share with your students to get them started)

  • Have students set up their portfolio and create an about me page (include pictures/video/songs that reflect their personality)
  • Have them create a page reflecting on this unusual time in their lives
  • Have them create a page about something they are passionate about
  • Have them curate some artifacts from your class
  • Have them do some goal setting

2- Digital Breakouts

3- Have students create digital activities for your classes next year. Be sure to give them some guidelines

  • They can use any digital tool to create an activity
  • It should focus on a specific unit or area of the content
  • It can be a digital version of something you didn't do digitally earlier in the year
  • It should not require a login to be used

4- Gratitude

  • Have student write thank you emails to people who have had a positive influence on their year. Or to essential workers, health care workers, police, or firefighters, etc.
  • Use this as an opportunity to teach email writing etiquette. Have a subject, an introduction, a closing, your name, etc. Use correct grammar and spelling.
  • Have students BCC you on the email so you know who did the assignment.

5- Fun Projects

  • Genius Project- Have students brainstorm ideas for a project they are passionate about. A chance to try something new Check out this video
  • Maker Space at home- What can you design from household objects? A rube goldberg machine? A prototype of a new invention? A computer game? Challenge students to build, make and showcase their creativity through a project of your choice. You can tie this in with your subject if you wanted as well.

Help our Students Find Help

Do you know where students go for help? Then they probably don't either!

There is a Technology Help tile in the portal


On the FISD website they can search for Tech Help.


On the student AND parent pages on the FISD website, at the bottom there are links in alpha order. Under T is Tech Help.

This takes them to this page in Canvas (I recommend telling them how to get to this page, instead of sending them this link, so they will be able to find it again!)

It does contain troubleshooting tips for Canvas and all sorts of information about how to use Canvas

Also, you can always tell them to turn it off and back on again. Rebooting actually does help in a lot of cases!!