Aquatic Veterinarian

By: Emily Keller

About Aquatic Veterinarian

Aquatic veterinarians are practitioners that specialize in the health management of marine animals

A Aquatic Veterinarian's duties are qualified to diagnose and treat a wide variety of marine species which can include fish, marine mammals, sea turtles, and other sea animals.

Skills required

They must be able to do research papers, look for disease or illnesses in animals, work well with others, Also keep the medicine stocked and other equipment.


All aquatic veterinarians must successfully graduate with a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine (DVM) degree from an accredited program, which is the achieved after a rigorous course of study involving both small and large animal species. After completing their studies, veterinarians must pass the North American Veterinary Licensing Exam (NAVLE) to become licensed to practice veterinary medicine.

School- University of Florida, Oregon State University, Ohio State, and Cornell University


-With a B.S. degree, potential positions include animal care specialist, animal trainer, field technician, laboratory technician, consultant for industry, and entry-level government position. Generally, jobs at this level offer little opportunity for self-directed work.

- The M.S. degree can facilitate individual work with marine mammals, for example designing research projects, developing management plans, supervising field or laboratory studies, or heading programs in education, husbandry, or training.

-The acquisition of a Ph.D. or D.V.M. (or both) provides more career opportunities, including design and management of field and laboratory research programs, university faculty positions, coordination of government and industry programs, and management positions museums.

- It will take at least 4 years in college plus training


It is unlikely to get a job right after college so it is best to have an internship during school. You must have a hands on experience to work as a Aquatic Veterinarian.



Work over 40 hours a week counting weekends and nights

Aquatic Veterinarian's work inside and outside, or in a lab


$82,040 per year