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We are excited to see and work with your students again this year. It was great to see them around the building during the first week of school. We started seeing students on August 23rd. Once we got caught up on all of their summer news and did a few back to school activities, it was back to business as usual. It is so impressive that the returning students were able to pick up right where they left off. The new students have adapted so well it seems as if we have been working with them for years.

Welcome Mrs. Beasley

We are so excited to have Mrs. Beasley join our team this year. Mrs. Beasley has been teaching at LHE for 10 years. During her time here, she has taught bilingual third grade and 6th grade math. She is an Fujitsu Trailblazer Award winner. She recently earned a Masters Degree in addition to keeping up with her son, who is a second grader.

The Benefits of Audiobooks for Dyslexics

One way students with dyslexia can enjoy a good book is through the use of audiobooks. Thanks to technology there are numerous offerings for obtaining and enjoying an audiobook. Audiobooks can be extremely helpful for students who struggle to read books at their intellectual level because it levels the playing field.

Research has found that audiobooks are advantageous for those with dyslexia. They help students to become better readers and learners. Listening to the words allow the reader to hear explicit sounds of letters and letter patterns that form words. In addition, listening to a book can increase vocabulary, improve comprehension, improve critical thinking skills and boost confidence.

One of the greatest benefits of using audiobooks is motivation. When students struggle to read, they are less motivated to do so. They can become easily frustrated and discouraged when they are unable to read the same books as their non-dyslexic peers. However, when dyslexic students use audiobooks, they can be more engaged and motivated. This keeps the frustration from taking over. Elementary school is the time to develop a love for reading. Access to audiobooks at this age helps to build that love.

Let your child find a book he/she WANTS to read. Set goals for reading time - start small. This could be as little as 2 minutes. Then add on a bit more time daily. Another way to utilize audiobooks could be in the car on the way to or from school, trips to the grocery store or after school activities.

All of the dyslexic students at LHE have access to audiobooks through a free Learning Ally account. Please contact your child's teacher if you need Learning Ally login information.

We Have to Quarantine Now What?

If your child has to quarantine this school year, the LHE dyslexia teachers have you covered. Each teacher has Google Classroom for her groups. Your child should have already received an invitation to join the class. Students can go to their Dyslexia Google classroom to find activities reviewing what has been taught. Activities might include deck practice, reading practice and spelling practice. While we will miss seeing your child's face, we want to keep everyone safe.

LHE Gift of Dyslexia Facebook Page

We have decided to discontinue use of our Facebook page in accordance with RISD rules regarding social media. All information previously shared there will now be shared via email and the Lake Highlands Elementary website.
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