Steps to Improving Anxiety Symptoms

Follow these 5 small steps to help improve Anxiety!

Take a deep breath!!

According to Marla Dribbler, PsyD, "Deep diaghraphyatic breathing triggers our relaxation response,". When something is starting to trigger your anxiety, take a deep breath!! It'll help you keep your mind straight and keep your anxiety down.
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Exercising releases endorphins in your brain that lead to a reduction in anxiety and help keep you happier. Start with a quick walk, a jog, or even go outside and play with your dog! These are all good options to help your anxiety go down and help you feel at ease.
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Say no to the caffeine!!

Having caffeine is a sure way to wake yourself up and be more alert for the day!! You'd think this is a great way to make yourself more aware of your anxiety but actually it hurts you. Caffeine jacks you up with energy and makes you even more anxious and fidgety for the day. So, simple as this, drive by the Dunkin Donuts and drink some water!
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Become a bookworm!

A book about coping with your anxiety is a wonderful way to control your anxiety. It gives you tips on how to deal with your anxiety while calming you down at the same time! Two fr one special if you ask me!! Pick up a good book and start reading!
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Come by and take some great ideas on how to cope with your anxiety for free!

By: Anna Garrison


May 6, 2016