Improve your mood, sleep, & energy

Discover relieving remedies without costly side effects

Effective relief that is safe, natural, & affordable

You absolutely can feel better with essential oils (EOs)! EOs are incredibly effective for managing your mood, getting restful sleep, & creating more energy. Plus, they are not addictive or habit forming & do not have side effects!

EOs, the purest in the world, have changed many of my friends & family's lives for the better. There's a good chance they will do the same for yours. Learn easy-to-do & affordable remedies, more about essential oils, & how to use them for what ails you & yours.

Join us to experience:

  • a free bio-feedback scan*
  • 60 doTERRA essential oils
  • a free Wild Orange essential oil & Living magazine filled with tips & recipes
  • education that explains what essential oils are, how to use them, & how to get them
  • information about doTERRA Wellness, Spa, & Living products
  • access to a library of essential oil reference materials

Saturday, June 13; 10am-12pm (open house)


47 15th Ave SW

New Brighton, MN 55112

Please RSVP by Friday, June 12

I want to be sure I have enough supplies on hand. Thank you!

If you know someone else who could benefit from this class, please feel free to share this invitation with them. If you cannot make it, just message me & I will be happy to set up a time with you for a personal consultation, or to host a class for you & a few friends.

Next class:

Saturday, July 11

Topic - TBD

This will be my last class before baby arrives but will still continue to do private classes upon request!

*What is a bio-feedback scan?

Bio scan technology, using Galvanic Skin Response & its use in measuring the bodily reaction to stimuli, measures the most rapidly changing field in the body, the energetic field, which processes 400 million impulses of information per second. The technology involves information theory, physics, & biology, & is a tool designed to assist the individual in finding the preference of the body for any list of items. This information is used to take the guesswork out of where to start with essential oils & to make better decisions about personal health.