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Men age better than us women. It's true! GRRRR

However, men have their own set of troubles when it comes to skin. They have larger pores and thicker facial hair. This combination can lead to acne, redness, irritation and ingrown hairs. Little known fact, but guys are more susceptible to sun damage and melanoma. And because we are ALL aging, even men need an active moisturizer.

To the rescue is BEYOND THE SHAVE. Three easy steps that won't throw a monkey wrench in a guy's simple bathroom routine. 1) The Unblemish Sulfur Wash can be used as an amazing shaving cream that will hold up in the shower while the 2% sulfur softens beard hair while simultaneously helping to unclog pores and kill bacteria. 2) Soothe Sensitive Treatment will provide post-shave relief and calm any redness and irritation and reduce the chance of ingrown hairs and 3) Redefine Triple Defense Treatment provides excellent anti-aging moisture with an SPF30.

It's available now until Sept 30 for existing Preferred Customers. So whether you yourself are a guy or you have a guy in your life, place this in your cart for your next order.

As a bonus, BEYOND THE SHAVE comes with a pair of Acute Care patches!

A Chance to Win a FREE REGIMEN

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As a thank you to my loyal customers and to spread the word about how effective our skincare is, I am joining with fellow consultants as host of a 60-Day Skincare Challenge.

Its 100% FREE to participate. Here's how it works:

Once you join the exclusive Facebook page, commit to wash your face every morning and night for 60 days (hopefully you already do!) and share your before/after results in a private, supportive environment. There will be prizes awarded, including a free regimen for the best Before/After photo!

The challenge begins October 1, so let me know soon if you or your friends want to join.

For every friend you refer, you get a full jar of: Micro-Dermabrasion Paste or Night Renewing Serum or Eye Cream, your choice.

ADVICE: One Step at a Time

From the DermRF blog:

Q. Is it necessary to let one skin product dry before applying the next one? How long should I wait before layering another product?

A. Dr. Katie Rodan: If you follow the directions and use the recommended amounts, your R+F products should absorb quickly, leaving little wait time between layers. However, humidity can affect product “dry-down,” in which case you may want to wait a full minute or two before applying the next product. In cases of extreme humidity, you may also want to cut back on the amount of moisturizer you’re using. Your skin should feel moist, but not sticky to the touch before applying the next layer.

My two cents: Waiting until your products absorb doesn't have to add time to your morning or evening routine. Simply incorporate it — make your morning coffee, brush your teeth, pick out accessories, check your email, feed your pets, change into your pajamas or lock up for the night between steps.

Bonus tip: Consistently caring for your skin twice a day will improve your results. If you often skip your nighttime treatment, try doing it a couple of hours earlier, when you are home for the night, but not ready to turn in. I find that if I wait until I'm exhausted and ready to fall into bed, it's easier to forgo my skincare routine.

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