Sumatran tiger

By:Matthew o

Hunting yes or no

You should not hut the Sumatran tiger because there are only 200 left and half are in captivity. If you do hunt them they will be extinct.
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Biotic and Abiotic

The ecosystem of the Sumatran tiger Indonesia. The biotic factors are the fish, monkeys, sloths, insects, birds, snakes, trees, algae grass, trees. The abiotic fators are water soil and rocks.
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Food chain

Our food chain starts with the sun. Then the grass obsorbs the Suns energy. Then the grass hopper eats the grass. Then the monkeys eat the grass hoppers. Then the snake eats the monkey. Lastly the tiger eats the snake.
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Food web

Our food web starts with the sun. Then it breaks into Algae and the banana tree. Then the fish eats the algae and the sloth and the monkey eat the banana tree. Next the bird eats the sloth, fish, and monkey. Then the snake eats the bird. Next the Sumatran tiger eats everything.
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Over/under population

If there is under population then the consumer of the tiger will down. If there is a over population then the animals that the tiger consumes will down.
Endangered Sumatran Tiger Cubs Debut

Too cute to hunt

Sumatran tigers are too endangered and cute to hunt.