We would be dead without it

How this element got its name

This element got its name by the Greek word oxys and genes which together mean acid forming Joseph Priestley and Carl Wilhelm Scheele founded this element, even though people and any living thing uses it every single second of every day.


Family group of oxygen

Oxygen is part of the group 16. It consists of Oxygen, sulfur, selenium, tellurium, and polonium.


Period and Atomic Number

Period 2 which is in the second row of the periodic table, and the atomic number of 8.


Uses for Oxygen

If we didn't have oxygen every person on Earth would be dead. Oxygen is used for scuba diving, you put it in a tank and dive under the water and breathe the oxygen. Oxygen is also for people who have a hard time breathing, especially if you are older. If you are a climber then you use oxygen when you climb higher, this is because of the decrease of oxygen.

Atomic mass, protons, electrons, and neutrons

The atomic mass of oxygen is 15.999 and has 8 protons 8 neutrons and also has 8 electrons.

Valence electrons in an oxygen atom

An oxygen atom has 6 valance electrons

Known Isotopes





Melting point and boiling point

Melting point: -361.8 degrees Fahrenheit

Boiling point: -297.3 degrees Fahrenheit


State of element

Oxygen is a gas and flows almost everywhere


1.429 g/l



The abundance is so much that every person can breathe fresh air in and out, oxygen is everywhere on Earth, but on top of mountains the air gets thinner and you might not be able to breathe it in.

Things that have oxygen in them

The atmosphere breathable air

Ozone layer Rocks and soils

Plastics Water


Form of Oxygen

Oxygen is a compound

3 real world uses

1. Breathing and staying alive

2. Adventure such as scuba diving and mountain climbing

3. Lung cancer

Interesting facts

It is in soil

water has oxygen I guess that's why they call it H2O

It is very complicated