The American Dream


The american dream to me....

Is to have your own house with a wife and kids, money, cars, clothes, everything that would make someone want to live the life you are living. For example a big house with a white picket fence, the dream is different for all its whatever you been chasing after what you desire to have.
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The Great Gatsby

Two rich men, one man is earning his money as he lives and the other has old money from family income. but they both are striving for one thing and thats love from a girl named daisy and to pursue their american dream.

The crucible

1690's there is a scare of which trails and which craft, in the town salem, Massachusetts many get accused but who will confess..? Many young girls are accused and have been taken to court .
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The Scarlet Letter

This book is about a woman that carry's an big A on her that stands for adultery, she has a little daughter that she carry's in her arms,

Heaster got lonely while her husband was overseas while she made her mistake and had her baby

Young Goodman Brown

The innocent Emily Brown is so goody goody after she takes a little walk through the forest and followed the devil

Raisin in the sun

African American family gets a big check for a $10,000. They moved in a white neighborhood and had to deal with lots of Racism

Death of Salesman

A father of 2 boys gets old and cant do his job as a salesman like he used to; and starts losing his mind and job.