Cheetah Readers

Crestview Spelling Bee and the Cheetah Book Store

Spelling Bee

4th and 5th Grade Parents and students don't forget to get your Spelling Bee permission slips turned in.

Once a student has turned in their permission slip, they will get a list of words to study that may be used for the Spelling Bee. Crestview's Spelling Bee will be held on December 6th.

Permission Slip

2018 National Spelling Bee Winner

Watch this short video of the 2018 winner's, winning moment.

I would love to see a Crestview student make to the state and national competition.

It can happen! Hard Work = Success!

Cheetah Bookstore

Remember the Cheetah Bookstore is open daily in Room #130 Mr. Fredde's Room.

All Books are $1.00 each.