About Me!

Mark Collins

Family: I have 3 brothers and 1 sister.

2 older brothers, and 1 younger brother. Oldest is Matt he's 25, 2nd oldest is Ely he's 21, younger brother is 13 his name is Dakota.

sister is older. Her name is kaylyn she's 23

interests: I like playing games, reading, writing, drawing, coloring

I play Xbox and sometimes ps3 but I play Xbox more because I think It's better and my favorite games are... Assasin's creed, Call of Duty, Prototype 2, Darkness 2, Halo.. Out of all those my favorite is Assasin's creed and my favorite out of all them is the third one. I do like Call of duty but not as much. I was gonna pre-order Halo 4 but I pre-ordered assasin's creed 3 and the new Call of duty: Black Ops 2. I'm gonna get Halo 4 but don't know when I am.

Proper keyboarding technique

do: keep eyes on screen, feet on ground, arms parallel to ground, log off if your'e done with computer, keep computer area clean

don't: be to close to key board, have your feet on desk, leave your computer open if your'e not using it, no open drinks around computer or moniter,