Shakespeare's Controversy!


400 years after his death the Shakespeare controversy continues, many people still can't believe that William Shakespeare could have had the experience or education to have written such complex texts. It was not until 1920 that Edward De Vere was a real genius behind Shakespeare's plays and poems. When De Vere stopped writing texts in his name they appeared in Shakespeare's text. There were two others involved in this controversy. Christopher Marlow and Francis Bacon. Christopher Marlow started writing his play's up until he got killed in a brawl he was known for England's best play wrights. Francis Bacon was the true author of Shakespeare's plays and poems.

My thought

My opinion on this whole Shakespeare Controversy kinda made me a little upset because all these years I thought he had been the one writing his own play writes,sonnets and poems when he had others doing his dirty work for him.

Amy Marcum

Edward De Vere is another person who could be the real Shakespeare.