The Tundra Biome

Arctic Biome

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Visiting the Arctic

The Arctic offers many things for family, it's extremely cold, so you have a chance to get away from this Texas heat! This beautiful place offers over 400 varieties of flowers, and many places to go ice fishing! The climate up here is perfect, the average winter temperature is - 30 degrees F, and the average summer temperature is 37-54 degrees F, and with a latitude and longitude of 71.2 degrees N and 156 degrees W.


Life on the Arctic

The arctic has gorgeous plants including, dwarf shrubs, herbs, grasses, mosses, and so many more! Animals living at the arctic are so unique, you can see Arctic foxes, Snowy owls, Polar Bears, Musk ox, and so many other beautiful creatures.

Where is the world is this so dream place?

The Arctic Biome is located in northern hemisphere, encircling the north pole. It also extends to the south of the coniferous forest of the taiga!

Fun Facts about this one of a kind place!

  • The Arctic and Subarctic have over 1,700 plants combined!
  • On the arctic there is a layer of permanently frozen sub soil called permafrost, however roads and buildings put heat and pressure on the permafrost, causing it to melt, we are trying our best to put in end to all of it!
  • There is no deep root systems in this biome, plants learn to adapt with the cold.
  • Over half the animals hibernate in winter, such as bears!