Primary Update

13 January 2014

Welcome to a new week.

I hope everyone has had a positive beginning to the term. It will be a busy week with Year 1 Admissions but hopefully I will be able to catch up with people over recess and lunch early this week.

We have almost finalised our staffing for next year. Mark will provide details in his updates along the way and we will be able to communicate the teams in the coming weeks once the appointments have been finalised.

Enjoy the week ahead everyone.

Re-designing Yr 5/6.... Think Tank this Thursday 4-7pm

For those of you who expressed an interest in being part of the design team for the Yr 5/6 area for next year, we have our first Think Tank this coming Thur 4-7pm in the Yr 6 shared area. Nibblies provided. Please let me know if you will be attending.

See links below to begin your thinking....
Rule of three
New Learning Environments for 21st Learners- The videos on this page may be of interest. Scroll down to point 6 on the page.

Some key questions for the design team to ponder before Thursday....
How should our students learn?
Where should they learn?
With whom should they learn?

4 Tips to Prepare for 3 Way Conferences

1. Prepare...Prepare.....Prepare
  • What tangible evidence will use to demonstrate development in learning?
  • Is the evidence, 'quality' evidence? (i.e. clearly shows strengths, progress and next steps, demonstrates what the student knows, understands and can do, has teacher feedback on work samples, a variety of evidence available)

2. Create a welcoming environment

  • How will you ensure the conference is positive and productive?
  • What would you hope parents and students leave the conference knowing, feeling and perhaps doing?
  • Have suitable chairs to sit on
  • Ensure you are sitting side-by-side or around a table
  • Have your schedule posted outside your door
  • Be on time

3. No surprises

  • Follow the strengths, needs (make sure these are tangible and specific), next steps formula
  • This is not a time to communicate concerns or issues - this should have already been communicated prior to the 3 way conference
  • Conferences should be positive, proactive and productive to solidify team approach between student, teacher and parent

4. Listen

  • Perhaps begin by asking - How do you feel x is progressing? What are you most proud of (to students)....? Is there an area you would like to discuss first? etc...
  • If parents raise concerns - ensure there is follow up

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