By: Cade Danger Martin

What Are Clouds?

What are clouds you ask? Well, if you really want to know. Clouds are suspended masses of frozen or liquid water vapor. There are 3 types of cloud category based on height. There is Cirro (7 km), Alto (2-7 km), and Stratus (0-2 km). There are also the major clouds that branch down to more. Those types are Cirrus, Cumulus, and Stratus.
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Cumulonimbus Clouds

Cumulonimbus clouds are the worst. Unless you're a storm chaser. Then you love them. But if you're not a storm chaser like me, you don't like them. These towering clouds reach heights of 16 kilometers, reaching the stratosphere. These clouds also bring huge strorms, and sometimes even tornadoes.


Altocumulus clouds are just regular cumulus clouds, just higher up and in the mid-level of the clouds.
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These clouds are high-level clouds, there height even rivaling cirrus clouds. These cloyuds bring fair weather like regular cumulus clouds.
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These dark, gray rain clouds very much resemble there "relatives" the stratus cloud. these clouds are lower though, and bring more rain.
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These stratus clouds bring the same weather as regular stratus clouds, but they're higher up than the usual stratus cloud.
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These are higher than usual stratus clouds, but not as high as cirrus clouds. I mean, they're still stratus clouds.
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