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iPads go High Tech

Giggles and snickers aside, this actually works! At a recent conference, the presenter showcased this nifty idea by utilizing it all day long and it worked without fail.

What do you do and why?
Connect the VGA adapter to the iPad using two heavy duty rubberbands. If you've already tried connecting your iPad to your data projector with regular VGA cable and the adapter, you've no doubt realized that it's a "fragile" connection at best. While this solution looks a bit awkward and clumsy, your iPad will mirror to your projector without driving you batty all day long coming loose from the cabling.

We have ordered 20 of these components to give you a method of mirroring your ipad on the data projector. Until there is a better alternative for mirroring, you can demonstrate what you want to teach to your kids using this reliable method. We can send one of these along with the reserved ipad carts. Instead of plugging the VGA into the back of your computer's CPU you'll plug it into your iPad to display. It's a snap! Email me if you want to try it in your classroom.
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Appy Hour

Finding the Best Apps Around

It's fun to look for new iPad apps but can be a bit overwhelming. So, to make it a bit easier to locate the right app for the right lesson, spend a few minutes using some of the resources to help narrow and refine your search.