Education in the great depression

1920s and the great depression


main points: there was very little money for teachers and schools,not many kids went to school, and only basic subjects were taught. The government paid the lunches for the kids because many could not afford lunch.Dick and Jane books taught basic reading skills

The economy impacted the schools because no citizens were paying taxes so schools were getting no funding and no school supplies could be bought none of the parents had money and couldn't give their kids lunch so the government paid for it.

Dick and jane books were significant because they taught basic reading skills and told short stories about families. They were the first form o textbooks


October 1929: the stock market crashes

march 1930: more than 3.5 million people are unemployed

1931: the state passed a law that a teacher in a school with fewer than 22 students would receive a salary cut

April 1932: more than 750,000 people depended upon city relief which gave them around 8.20$ a month

June 1932: WW1 veterans wanted more pay for their service so they set up camps outside the white house until they got their pay