5th Grade 101

Mrs. Harris' Newsletter for the Week of 10/12

What We Did Last Week

In Math we learned about adding and subtracting fractions and took the October Checkpoint. We began discussing how important it is to make sure that our numbers "match" by making sure that they are all either fractions or decimals rather than having them mixed. Students practiced problem solving with this concept by adding and subtracting fractions and decimals.

In Science we finished up our Organisms and Ecosystems unit by revisiting our vermicomposting worm ecosystems and examined how events can cause changes to ecosystem- either man-made changes or natural changes. We also used Brain Pop and Jeopardy to review for our first unit test. Grades will be recorded and shared by Monday. Overall students did an AMAZING job analyzing and making inferences with the test situations given.

What We are Doing This Week

In Math this week we will continue to practice adding and subtracting fractions and decimals. We will be practicing with different types of problem solving situations and with order of operations.

In Science we will begin our next unit on Matter by beginning with a detailed look at how we did on our unit test and discuss what it means to make goals as we begin our next unit. To kick off a SUPER fun unit, we will have a couple of labs focused on properties of matter, specifically with phases of matter, descriptive properties, and relative density. This is one of my FAVORITE units because it is soooo much fun!

Neon Circus!

I can't wait for this fun-filled fundraiser! Are you ready for #ACrazyGoodTime?

What: 2015 Neon Circus

When: October 23rd from 6-10 PM

Where: Cy-Fair Exhibit Center

Wristband & Ticket Pre-Sale ends on Tuesday 10/13.

Raffle tickets: Sales are going great! Remember to send your stubs and payment to the front office. Send a note to the front office if you need more raffle tickets. If you have extra tickets that will not be sold, please send those to the office. All tickets and payments are due no later than Oct. 21. Please visit the HES Facebook or PTO page for more information and updates.

Upcoming Events:

Monday is Parent Conference Day. I look forward to meeting with you all to discuss our progress. This will be a student holiday, so it's the parents' turn to go to school! The kiddos all thought that that was the BEST IDEA EVER!

Picture Day is Tuesday! Make sure to wear your best outfit ever! Our "scheduled" time is 10:40ish.

Friday: Spirit Day! 7:45 Choir Practice; 8:00 AM StuCo Mtg. for Reps/Officers. BTW...I want to send a special SHOUT OUT to our officers and reps for this school year. Congratualtions go out to EVERYONE who was brave enough to stand up in front of everyone and give their AMAZING speeches. A special congrats goes out to our reps this year: President Bella, Vice President Tyler, CEO Amy Kate Harris class reps Braden and Ziana, and Whittington class reps Ava and Kara. I am so happy and proud of everyone. I am very impressed and have honestly have not seen anything like it since I've been at Hamilton.

Homework This Week

Math: DMH Week 8; no new videos this week. I would suggest re-watching any videos that your child feels that he/she has not mastered yet. We will be practicing Adding and Subtracting Decimals and Fractions more this week, so it would be a great idea to re-watch/review that video for this week's activities.

Science: Week 8 (5 questions per day as usual)

We will be discussing Monday's homework Tuesday morning as usual even though students are not in class on Monday. I discussed this with them on Friday.