Third Grade Specialist Update

Claxton Elementary

Art Update- Mr. Cassara

  • Paul Cezanne inspired still life paintings. Native American crafts, and an exploration of Boxing Day.

Drama Update- Mrs. Rigsby

We are working in our CHARACTER unit. Students are learning about the 3 different types of characters (Person, Animal, and Object), and the traits that make them a character (face, talk, move, keep the story going). Some classes have been using animal masks to really show how animal characters can move!

Ms. Henderson's class had drama on Digital Learning Day- and we had a special lesson with Students created a small comic strip that showed characters reacting to something. Try creating a free comic with your child at home!

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Health & PE Update- Coach Swain

Over the break please remember to help your child fill out their Activity Log! One was sent home with your child, but in case you lost it - here is a link to a new copy to print!

Music Update - Mr. Butler

Spanish Integration in Music Lessons

As part of the ongoing efforts to keep Spanish learning alive at Claxton, your child will be learning some Spanish songs this school year in music lessons that integrate language learning and music learning goals. Our 3rd and 4th grades have been learning El Grillo (The Cricket) and Buquecito de Papel (Little Paper Boat). You may enjoy asking your 3rd or 4th grader about the lyrics below. Other grades will enjoy Spanish language songs as the year continues!

El Grillo

Cuando más solo me siento

En la calma nocturnal

Una música trae el viento

Fina, fina – siempre iguál

Es el violin del grillito

Que vibrando siempre está

Le da voz al infinito

Y al silencio voz le da

Buquecito de Papel

Con la mitad de un periódico hice un buque de papel.

Y en la fuente de mi casa va navegando muy bién.

Mi hermana con su abanico sopla que sopla sobre él.

¡Muy buen viaje! ¡Muy buen viaje!

Buquecito de papel.