Community Supported Agriculture

"It all started with bio dynamic ideas of Rudolph Steiner"

What makes us the CSA

We grow top notch agriculture food (Ultra fresh) for our local communities. We help people succeed in their daily lives with unknown vegetable, fruits, and even questions about their own foods (agriculture foods). Our knowledge base is constantly growing and we wouldn't hesitate to share it with you any day of any week. Seasons go by and new fruits/vegetables probably grow that can satisfy your needs if you had known. Knowing is a powerful tool in making decisions for the meal of the young, the old, the strong, and always you.

Things that help us grow

Local communities help the farms by coming and enjoying a local feast. Events are held often and gives good chances at winning a prize. Buying is box of the freshest home grown fruits and vegetables is always fastest than searching and buying materials from a farmer market or a local store. At certain times you can buy the special premium vegetables that are even higher quality for a good price.

Some of the fruits/vegetables grown

Guaranteed to be one of the best fresh producers around the block.

Frequently Asked questions

1. How does this benefit me? Well you get the best home grown fruits/vegetables for the right price if you are a member.

2. Why do we need to be member in order to buy fruits/vegetables? As a member, you can help tribute money to have farmers do their hardest in making the fresh plants and you can be recognized as a community server.

3. Why are pricing high when a new season starts? A farmer needs time and can use your money for a very good purpose in farming. He will be able to repair, buy new seeds, and plant for the season.