Chatsity Walker

What Was The Change ?

The Change Was When Learning Art Was Reborn , Different Artist Such As Leonardo DaVinci Who Painted The Mona Lisa And The David . Michelangelo Who Painted The Sisten Chapel And The David (Different From Davinci's)

Who Were The People Associated With The Change?

Gutenberg , Gutenberg Improved The Printing Press , Which Made It More Accessible For Common People . Which Made The Catholic Church Decrease In A Number Of Followers And Supporters. The Idea Man Also Known As A Renaissance Man , He Had Multiple Talents Such As Being Educated Not Only Being Educated But Being Smart , Could Dance Could Play Music , Some Could Do Art Which Brings Me To One Renaissance Man Who We All Know As Leonardo Davinci Or Just Dacvinci . Cant Forget About The Medici Family Which Were Wealthy Bankers Who Supported The Arts.

How Did The Change Impact Society At The Time?

Things Like The Printing Press Made It To Were The Common People Could Have Better Access To The Bible . When They Were Able To They Could Get The Information For Themselves Instead Of Being Told. Now They Know They Were Being Given False Information And The Catholic Church Population Of Followers Decreased.

Know Facts !

Did You Know The Mona Lisa Was Painted In 1503 Or 1504 Which Means It Has Been Exsiting For About 511 Or 510 Years

How Is The Change Evidenced In Today's Modern Society ?

Arts Such As , Well All Of Them Especially Arts Such As The Mona Lisa , David (Both Of Them) , And Sisten Chapel . They Became Very Very Popular In The Modern Days In A Various Number Of Museums Such The Louvre And Metropolitan Museums . People Everyday Go To See These Arts Becaus eOf How Popular They Have Became.