In the Know With TPELC

February/March Edition

Policy Reminder, Facebook, etc.

  • Policy Reminder- pg. 3 of the parent handbook. Notify the Center two days in advance for a planned absence or scheduled appointment. Call before 7:30 a.m. if your child is not attending that day due to illness or an unexpected event.
  • If you haven't done so, please go to our Facebook page and "like" us! We try to post several times a week. Your child may be featured on our page! We also post important information here.
  • Parents- If you have not signed up for Seesaw PLEASE do so. Our teachers are beginning to post more to this to help keep you up to date with what is going on in your child's classroom.

A Warm Welcome to Miss Libby!

Miss Libby is our new Toddler teacher. The classroom has become a warm peaceful place for the children to concentrate. We are very excited to have Libby at TPELC!

Here is a little bit about her:

I have always had a passion for teaching and caring for children. In my early high school years, I dreamed of someday teaching children to ride horses like I do and tutoring children in English and writing. During my senior year of high school, I worked at Agape Day Care Ministry in Stroh and loved the caring environment there. I graduated from Prairie Heights High School in 2014 with the intention of attending Trine University to become an elementary educator. However, a different opportunity arose and I found myself in an accelerated honors program at Ivy Tech Community College, where I received my Associate's Degree in Business Administration in May of 2015. I was a substitute teacher for a few months for elementary schools in Lagrange until I accepted the Toddler Teacher position at TPELC, where I am hoping to create a warm and comforting learning environment for the children to play and grow.

Why reading to your child is CRUCIAL.

  • An infant's brain structure is not genetically determined. Early experiences have a decisive impact on the architecture of a baby's brain
  • "A child care provider reads to a toddler. And in a matter of seconds, thousands of cells in these children's growing brains respond. Some brain cells are 'turned on,' triggered by this particular experience. Many existing connections among brain cells are strengthened. At the same time, new brain cells are formed, adding a bit more definition and complexity to the intricate circuitry that will remain largely in place for the rest of these children's lives."
  • The development of early literacy skills through early experiences with books and stories is critically linked to a child's success in learning to read.
  • Early reading experiences are now recognized as being of such importance that the American Academy of Pediatrics recommends that "pediatricians prescribe reading activities along with other instructions given to parents at the time of well-child visits."

What are some of your child's favorite books to read? Let us know! Comment on our Facebook page.

What's Happening With Pre-K?

The Preschool class has become a fresh new area to work and learn. The children have expressed so much interest in science and a desire to learn about cause and effect. We have expanded our science area in the classroom and the children have been working on several different science experiments. We have mixed oil and water and learned what happens and why. The children were able to experience mixing baking soda and vinegar together, they expressed great excitement during this experiment. We added food coloring in the cups to make the experiment colorful and more visual. This experiment taught them what a reaction is and what it does. The children also have been expressing interests in sharks and fish so we are in the process of creating an underwater sea animal section of our classroom which includes books on underwater animals, their own "pond" where they can fish, and a water tub to place their animals. We will continue to expand on this area as their learning grows.

Toddler News

The toddler classroom has been busy working on their independence. Hats, jackets and shoes have been brought in to help further meet this need. The children are continuing to grow a closer bond to their new teacher Miss Libby. Her presence in the classroom has naturally created a very calm environment. Miss Libby continues to take on more responsibility in the classroom with each passing day. She has started the Bloom! program and will be attending her first observation meeting this week. The children will continue to work on their independence, discover new things in the sensory table and learn new skills through the experiences Miss Libby provides for the children.

On the Move With Infants

The infants have started off February with a newly arranged classroom! This is to meet their needs as they become increasingly more active. With that said, the infants have been exploring new materials and activities. Such as water, moon-sand and much more. We are currently creating a sensory wall that will allow the infants to explore new patterns and textures. As spring approaches and the weather warms, the infants are going to be exploring and learning more about the world and their surroundings. I continue to look forward to the rapid growth that the infants make everyday!


Happy Belated Birthday to Cyrus! He turned 2 on January 24th.

Happy Birthday Nora! She will be 2 on March 9.

Happy Birthday Jack! He will be 4 on March 22.

Happy Birthday Gracelyn! Shen will be 2 on March 24.

A BIG Happy Birthday to TPELC! TPELC Celebrated its 25th Anniversary on February 4th.

**If you would like to bring in a snack for your child's birthday you are more than welcome to do so. We do ask that the snack is prepackaged. You are welcome to stay and celebrate with us. We do birthday celebrations after nap time, approximately at 1:45 p.m.