Project 3: Printed Vinyl Sticker

By: Zach Fuller


The software we used for this project was illustrator and our goal was to create a printed vinyl sticker or a heat transfer sticker. First we created the logo you wanted to print, after that we then applied a cut line to it which was a special pink called Versa works pink. After that we printed it out with multiple other peoples designs. We used a printer called Roland Vinyl Printer/Cutter BN20. After printing you can cut it out and apply it to what ever you would like.
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Possible Customers?

This isn't really a logo I could sell because only a few people are actually in the Prior Lake camera crew. But the first opportunity to sell could be to make t shirts with these for the camera crew. Another idea is to use it to sort of expand the camera crew so people know what we do and can recognize a logo for the team. This product would not be really sold to profit from, more for just anyone who joins the group could buy one from me and I could go and sell it to them.


One of the obstacles I faced from the start was coming up with a personal logo and/or what I wanted to make it for. I decided to do the Camera Crew at PL just because we don't really have any type of logo and I think it would be cool if we did. The next obstacle I faced was after putting the cut line on mine we added it with two other peoples designs and they did not work. We later found the problem was the opacity on the background of the PL has to be at 100%. I liked the way it looked and I did not want it to be bright yellow so I changed the color to grey. After printing it out it looks almost exactly the same.

What did you learn?

I learned that it can be challenging to be creative and come up with your own ideas and not just steal ones off of the internet. I also learned that it was much easier printing out a sticker than cutting one and was a lot more efficient if you were to manufacture stickers using this machine. I also learned how to find a picture online and make it your own.