GMOs Are the Way to Go

By : Chaitanya Kalathuru

What are GMOs?

It is an organism whose genetic material is altered. Organism which have been modified include a variety of organisms such as bacteria, plants, fish, and mammals.

Health Benefits

  • Less expensive and can be afforded by many poor people
  • Made using less chemicals, pesticides, and etc.
  • Low fungal content
  • Long shell life
  • Foods can be altered to have more vitamins, proteins, and etc.
  • Plants are immune to bacteria and fungi

Benefits for the Population

  • Make crops yields bigger even if the land is the same area as before
  • Can feed the population even if the population increases
  • Can help end world hunger

Benefits for Farmers

Farmers genetically modify plant for many reasons and some of those reasons are listed below

  • Plants have resistance to pests and herbicides, and by resisting pests it enormously reduces the number of crops destroyed by pests
  • By resisting herbicides, many herbicides can be used on the plants
  • They are also highly resistant to diseases and can still thrive during droughts
  • There is a reduction of soil erosion and there is no till farming required
  • Harvests are improved and have more yieldings causing farmers to make more crops and money

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Environmental Benefits

  • GMOs are resistant to herbicides and can be unharmed through multiple herbicides which proves to be beneficial to many people
  • GMOs are also resistant to pests which allow them to be free from getting sprayed with pesticides