The Not so Needed Half, AKA Women

Written By: Katie Quimby

It is enormously evident that our world is slowly becoming corrupt by a group of individuals, known as women. Nowadays, they have this strange belief that they are able to work side by side along with men. This idea is leading our society into a large downfall. For ages, women have played the part as a stay-at-home mom, which is able to allow men to prevail in the workforce. Psychologist, Ed Anderson acknowledges how women have a lower intellect than men do. By knowing this, it is safe to say that if women choose to participate in the workforce, that they should be paid less than men. All women need to be “barefoot and pregnant”. This saying is associated with the concept on how women are only good for one thing; having children, and many of them. The only thing women are used for are their looks and to continue the human race. They are not funny nor does their opinion matter so they should do society a favor and not talk. Also, more than likely in conversations they will get aggravated and again their opinion and emotions do not matter unless it supports the main idea, which is supported by the man. They are not capable of lifting any weight so they should simply stay out of the way. Overall, women need to leave their desk jobs, and simply just stay home before society completely gets corrupt.