A Long Way Gone Soundtrack

by Brad Dabrowski and Andrew Nixon

I Need Love- LL Cool J


When Ish wondered into into one village and was captured by the chief and a cassette fell out of his pocket. This was the song it played. Ish loved rap and was in a rap group with his friends back home. Its kind of ironic that this is the song that played because Ish is currently alone is Africa, not knowing if his loved ones are dead or alive. He needs love.

Waving Flag- K'Naan


This song talk about a young boy who wants to be a brave, strong man when he grows up. This song reminds of of Ish and his situation. He's a young boy who is fending for himself against the rebels. He could've given up a while ago but he won't until he is free from them.

I know you got Soul- Eric B Rakim


This was another song that Ish and his rap group loved. This song is very different from the LL Cool J one, showing that they listen to a wide range of rap. These artists weren't very popular in that part of the world at this time, so its interesting that how they all got exposed to this music.

Africa Unite- Bob Marley


This song is about how the people of Africa need to stop fighting each other and unite. The fighting is what has ripped Ish away from his loved ones and why he lives in constant fear. Everyone needs to realize that the fighting isn't solving any problems, its just creating more.

No Guns Allowed


Guns are ruining Ish's life. This song is protesting guns and encouraging peace, which is exactly how Ish feels. If rebels weren't using to guns to raid defenseless villages, Ish would be living a happy life with his family and friends, and not be constantly on the run.