Chinese Masks

A way to protect your life

History of Chinese Masks

What is a mask exactly? A mask is an object worn on the face for protection, disguise, and entertainment. Chinese masks had many purposes. They were used to communicate with the gods, bring blessings, performing rituals, celebrations, exorcisms, ,births, and funerals. Chinese masks are represented by colors. For example, the color red represents prosperity, loyalty, courage and heroism. The color red also shows intelligence and bravery. Black means the character is neutral. It indicates integrity. The color green shows that the character is violent, impulsive, and lacks restraint. The color yellow represents that the character is cruel. Yellow also means evil, hypocritical, ambitious, or sly. White masks show that the character is hypocritical or evil. Gold and silver masks shows that the character is a god or a demon. The character may also be a ghost or a spirit. The colors gold, and silver symbolize mystery.

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The Chinese Mask Style

Chinese masks are made up of several different materials. Some of the materials that they are made from are stones, metals, woods, leather, cloth, paper, and also grass. Some masks represent human characteristics, and others represent animal characteristics, such as a lion or a dragon. The style would be considered a form of abstract. Some of the masks are realistic, with a twist. Color is the main element of each of the masks. It represents different meanings. Form is another important part of the Chinese masks. They have to be shaped right to bring out their message.

My View of Chinese Masks

Chinese masks are interesting in a good way. I like how unique each one is. It is cool how each color has a different meaning. Each mask is simple, yet very intricate. It is odd that they use masks for newborns, and also at funerals. I could see how they would use them for performances, but not for funerals. They are different, but cool in their own way!