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U5 L4 ¿A dónde vas en tu tiempo libre y con quién?

¡Enhorabuena! Shout out to Emily for texting me and arranging a time to receive help on BB IM.

Way to advocate for yourself Emily. Emily found that she learned a lot working through an assignment and asking me about the things she didn´t understand as she worked along. Make it a point to work with me on a least one assignment before the unit is out.


  • I am receiving very few submissions for RLC attendance. Remember that after you attend you must submit or you will not receive credit for the attendance.
  • All of the final projects need to have audio feature accompany visuals.
  • Culture Cafe is the only way to receive Extra Credit. There is not limit to how many you may attend. Also, you can view archived presentations and submit for extra credit.

Lección U5 L4 ¿A dónde vas en tu tiempo libre y con quién?

¿Cómo invitas a un amigo a pasar tiempo contigo?
(ir, contraction al, conmigo/contigo, invitations as lexical ítems, accepting and declining an invite)

  • It is very important to know how to conjugate the verb IR. Click the link below for a Hip Hop song that will help you remember how to use IR. Listen to the song a few times!
  • It is also important to understand when to use the few contractions we have in Spanish. Here is help with contractions as well.