Destani Sandoval


Getting There

Getting to Cancun , we will have to do multiple trips to different airports . Denver to Miami ( leaving Denver airport at 6:45 am and getting to Miami at 3:35pm . Make one stop From the Miami airport at 8:00 pm to arriving to Cancun at 9:45pm nonstop. On Saturday February 23 , 2015 getting to the airport at around 4 am our plane takes off at 7:10 am stopping at Dallas , TX and arriving back to Denver around 12:20 pm 6 hours 10 mins ) airport food costing $50 both so $100 the averaged cost for one person is $666 . Equaling $1332 for Paulina and I .

Where to Stay

The Hyatt Regency Hotel in Cancun is the most perfect place to stay in the vacation of a life time . It is a 4 star hotel and I personally think it is better than 5 star hotels. It is beautiful. They have a rating of 8.7 out of 10 . Costs $177 per night . They have California king size beds so going with a friend to save money share a bed. For Paulina and I to go its $1770 for 10 nights . A few advantages of staying at this hotel is that it is only steps away from the beach, has bi-level outdoor pool , privet beach , full services spa , on site dining options and lastly yoga . sounds like the most magical place to stay.


Day one , we will unpack and rest maybe go shopping . We will enjoy the beach of Cancun and its crazy clubs in the night while have a few drinks because we are over 21 its a little expensive $140. We will also go Go-karting on day 2. For both of us it will cost $48 witch isn't bad . Day 4 comes around we will have our spa day in our hotel. Day 5 There is this thing that's called Wet' N wild Cancun ,its $98 . Sounds fun. Day 6 snorkeling $160 . Day 7, Hummer Jungle Tour See everything $360 . Day 8 and 9 relax on the beach. Just kick it , shop . $806 . Not bad .

History And Culture

A long time ago Cancún was a unknown island nobody had knew about. Was a bunch of jungles , beaches . After the Conquests most if not all of there population density died. the word 'Cancun' has no meaning to it or really any background.

Cancun is located in southeastern Mexico. It is in the state of Quintana Roo and is a popular tourist spot. It sits near the Caribbean Sea and is close to the area of Riviera Maya.


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About the Traveler

Me Destani Sandoval have barely experience traveling . I have only been to California and Nebraska. But traveling out of country , I cant wait . I am in the 7th grade getting the best learning experience that I can get , by the wonderful language arts teacher Ms.Didonato. At the School Silver Hills