Presidential Campaign

( By: Mary Chen ) Vote for me!

The Republic needs a president!

It's 1836, and Texas has finally became a republic. However, now our Republic is lacking in many problems such as debt, or hostile Natives. I think that I could be the president that would finally make things right in Texas!
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Issues ( Spending and Debt )

There's the issue of spending tons of money, and having a huge debt. I think that we should spend less money, and use what we already have, only for important resources that we absolutely need. As for debt, perhaps Texas could become trading buddies with a neighboring country, and get resources and money from the trades.

Dealing with Native Texans

Texas has a problem with Native Texans, and the things that they do. But perhaps, we really are just misunderstanding them. I think of the Native Texans as humans. We all share the same land, and air, and we all need the same resources to survive. Some people would disagree with me, but I think that we should cooperate with them so that we could share resources, and further understand each other better.
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Unruly Army

Dealing with an unruly army will be hard, but to save money, it would be wise to send home all the people who aren't needed and/or are unruly to the army. Unless they can be convinced to listen and cooperate, they would be sent home, but the people who are loyal to Texas will be allowed to stay and fight for us.


Mexico does not recognize us as a independent country, but it makes sense after all the fights that we've been through. There are also many people in Texas that would've preferred it if Texas stayed with Mexico. But just think about it, after so many battles fought and many lives lost, it was all so that our country could be independent, and make our own fair laws instead of Mexico's ridiculous ones. I think that we should show Mexico how independent our country really is by becoming a better country, and by fixing all the problems that we have as soon as possible.
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Position of Annexation

Personally, I think that it would be better if we get annexed into the United States, because that way the U.S. could help our current situation in Texas, and help prevent attacks from Mexico. If I became president, I would like the people to vote if they wanted to be annexed into the United States, or stay a independent country.

Issue ( Slavery )

Slavery could possibly be a problem for joining the United States by annexation. In the United States, no one there uses slavery, and I think that over time, we should get rid of it too. Buying other people, and separating them from their families just so that they could work for us just doesn't seem like the right thing to have in our country. I think that our country should eventually develop into one that doesn't depend on slavery, and that everyone should just be free. For now, people should pay their slaves, and treat them like fellow human beings. The slaves should also have a certain contracted amount of time to work for us, and when that time is over, be freed to live the rest of their lives.