Come to the amazing Pennsylvania

Why Was the Colony Found?

In England many people did not like the Quakers for the things they believed in and they suffered from persecution. Penn wanted home for the Quakers so they would not be treated poorly. He went to America to find a place that was safe for Quakers and other religious people. William Penn founded the Pennsylvania colony so people from different religious backgrounds could live peacefully.

Who Originally Found the Colony

William Penn was the founder of Pennsylvania in 1682.


Pennsylvania had many religious groups, the first European settlers were Swedish Lutherans., German Lutheran began arriving 1703. William Penn brought the Quakers to Pennsylvania during the 1680 s. The Quakers believed that all people had a direct link, with God.


Pennsylvania has a colonial self-government . Women were consider equal to men. Everyone has a vote in the government.


Pennsylvania has rolling hills, good farm land, and plenty of fresh water. There's lots of room for farm land. Its known as the bread basket because wheat and oats and more can easily grow there. There is hot humid summers and cool to cold winters.


Pennsylvania has agriculture such as wheat, corn, cattle, and dairy, they also have shipbuilding and paper making.

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