Massage Therapy

Kaitlyn Lester

Why I choose to Learn Massage Thereapy

I choose Massage Therapy because I want to be a sports doctor. I am going into Kinesiology at Cal State Fullerton in the fall, with my end go to be a Sport Medicine Doctor. Having some massage therapy in my background will improve my skill and help other athletes more.

What I have been using during my learning process

"It's not easy. You have to make sure you are help the client relieve stress while also making sure you aren't cause them to much pain. It is a delicate balance."- Massage Theripist Amy

"Kaitlyn has a gentle hand enough that it was enjoyable but used enough pressure to still loosen up my muscles. She was very attentive to how it felt and I wish it was longer.” - Gabbi S.

I have learned a lot. I am really excited about the new skill I have learned. I know it will help me in my career going forward. It has been really fun and I enjoy helping others. - Kaitlyn