The Bermuda Triangle

Does the Bermuda Triangle exist?

A Mystery in History

Mysteries. They have infatuated the human mind since the dawn of time. Mysteries exist everywhere, some have been solved and others remain unexplained to this very day. One of these mysteries, has managed to keep it's hold on us since the 14th century A.D. That mystery, is that of The Bermuda Triangle. The Bermuda Triangle really started to gain public notice in the twentieth century. Ships and planes began to disapear there on a daily basis. Authors began to write books on the subject, many of them which should probably be classed as science fiction novels, and Hollywood took the phenomenon to a whole new level, many facts got exaggerated and critics were throwing insults back and forth over the subject. The Triangle is also known as "The Devil's Triangle", and "The Hoodoo Sea". The Bermuda Triangle is seen as a popular myth, and the fact the U.S Navy refuses to acknowledge the Bermuda Triangle's existence is a strong point in the argument against its existence.

Pictures From the Mysterious Bermuda Triangle

Strange Sightings, Unusual Disapearences, Evidence Behind the Bermuda Triangle Theory

The first recorded occurrence of unusualness happened in 1492 when Christopher Columbus himself was sailing through the region. He noteabley recorded problems with his navigational equipment, abnormal weather phenomena, and even stranger, "a great ball of fire" which hit the ocean, and lights from an unknown source dancing off in the distance. This was only the first report of many, after that, the area became infamous in its own right as a ship swallower, and the weirdness only continued. 1619, the Sea Venture disappeared into the Triangle, the rescue boat sent after it vanished as well. 1750, three Spanish galleons, gone with no clues as to what may have happened. 1812, an American packet ship transporting Vice President Aaron Burr's daughter was claimed by its murky waters. 1814, American warship, the Wasp vanished into thin air. But, that's not all, oh no, it gets better. 1840, a French ship disapears and then reappears unharmed, yet lacking its crew. The most famous case of this occured in 1872, when the Mary Celeste a ship transporting industrial alcohol is found floating aimlessly, miles off cource, lacking her crew and one lifeboat, but everything else remained untampered with. It was in the twentieth century when the disappearances really began racking up, I'll name a few of the better known cases. 1902, German vessel Freya, was found badly broken and without its crew. 1918, the USS Cyclops the American navy's largest ship, disappeared along with her three hundred person crew, never to be seen nor heard from again. 1924, Japanese freighter the Raifucu Maru raideoed in for help, but was never found. 1941, the USS Proteus and the USS Nereus (the USS Cyclops's sister ships) vanish in the Bermuda Triangle exactly one month apart from each other. 1944, a Cuban freighter, the Rubicon, disappeared only to be found again, unharmed, but her only remaining crew was a dog found on deck. 1945, one on the most well know Bermuda Triangle disapearences, that of Flight 19, and the rescue plane sent out after it. Strange circumstances surround most disapearences associated with the U.S Navy, as they refuse to release anything but trivial information, or facts that make these tragedies look like accidents which the Navy could do nothing about. Lastly, in 1948, the airplane Star Tiger and a little later in 1949 the Star Tiger's sister plane the Star Ariel both succumbed to the Bermuda Triangle never to be seen again. The disapearences aren't the only strange happenings in the Triangle, supposed sightings of ghost ships and planes have taken place. Reports of equipment malfunction, electrical storms and fog, giant waves, huge whirlpools, storms and other bad weather on days that were reportedly sunny and clear skied. Another unusual thing is that the Bermuda Triangle is the only place in the world where magnetic North and true North are perfectly aligned. Will these mysterious disapearences and strange happenings ever be explained? Or will the Bermuda Triangle become yet another mystery lost in history.

Theories Behind the Bermuda Triangle's Existence

Theories behind the Triangle's Existence range from the plausible to the paranormal to the just plain weird. Some of the more paranormal explainations include that the Bermuda Triangle, is actually the gateway to Hell, which would explain the monicker 'The Devil's Triangle'. Some also spectulate that the lost city of Atlantis lies beneath the Bermuda Triangle, and leftovers from it's power source is what is causing all of the weirdness. Alien activity is another big one, and the ships being left behind is a sign. Scientists are by far more rational, here are some explainations that could very well be what's really going on in the Bermuda Triangle. Human error, honestly, out of the explainations I don't think this one is it, human error is certainly involved, to a point though. I don't really think it counts as a valid explaination. Freak weather accidents, equipment malfunction, exaggeration of disapearences, methane gas bubbles, the Bermuda Triangle may be subject to earthquakes, and freakishly huge waves due to a special cloud shape and setup. My beliefs line up as a combination of these aligning, and I'm not ruling out paranormal activity just yet. Thank you for listening to me drone on and on.

The End