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Mrs. Thomas' Fifth Grade

Dates to Remember:

September 12: K-2 Grandparents Day

September 13: Grades 3-5 Grandparents Day

September 23: Beehive Store (10:40-11:00)

Looking Ahead...

September 26: Open House (5:30-6:30)

September 29: Health Fair

September 30: Friday Friends and First Leadership Assembly (9:25-9:55)

October 4: Art Museum Field Trip (9:30-10:30)

October 14: Beehive (10:40-11:00)

Website of the Week:

Each week, a new website will be introduced for you to explore with your son or daughter! Enjoy ABCYA! On this site, students can practice essential skills that are taught in the classroom. They can also use the website for a fun reward. There are skills and games for grades K-5, so everyone in the family can enjoy what this website has to offer! Check out the video and website link below to learn more!

Link to ABCYA!

abcya tutorial

Our Learning Goals

Math: The students are finishing up the first chapter over whole-number and decimal place value. Our first test will be Thursday, September 15th. In addition to our math lessons, students are expected to work on Dreambox (online learning tool). They are expected to complete at least 20 minutes and accomplish at least 2 lessons each day.

Word Study: The students have been practicing our word study procedures and routines. Mrs. Thomas has graded the beginning of year assessment that all the students took to place them into groups. Each group will receive words that meet individual needs based on the assessment. Each week, students are given a new set of words that they should be studying. They will also receive a Word Study Menu of projects to complete that will help them study their words. The post test is on Friday each week.

Reading: The students have been working hard learning about different ways readers respond. We have been practicing the various IDR Response symbols (predictions, inferences, connections, vocabulary, etc.) while reading our teacher read aloud book. The students will also begin their first book in reading groups this week! Students will receive assignments several times a week that will need to be worked on inside and outside of class. In addition to reading groups, students are expected to complete at least 20 minutes and 2 units a day on Lexia (online adaptive learning tool).

Writing: We are currently in our "Writing Community" unit. Throughout this unit, students will learn the many reasons people write. They will also learn about special writing techniques that authors use to draw the attention of readers. The students will have the opportunity to try these techniques as they learn about them in the coming weeks.

The Leader in Me

Sunshine Elementary is welcoming The Leader in Me initiative this year building-wide. Over the next several weeks and months, students will be learning about The 7 Habits. In each newsletter, there will be a video highlighting each of the 7 Habits, along with important information for parents to be able to implement the 7 Habits at home as well. Please watch the introductory video below!
The Leader in Me: What Do You Stand For?

Contact Information

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Mrs. Kim Thomas