fat flush diet

by ibrahim ibrahim


It is a low-carbohydrate, restricted-calorie diet, which is designed to boost metabolism, decrease water retention, and promote loss of fat.


Ann Louise Gittleman, first introduced the idea of ‘fat flush’ in her 1988 book Beyond Pritikin. Gittleman created her diet after working as a nutritionist at the Pritikin Longevity Center in Florida, where she observed that many of her clients did very poorly on Nathan Pritikin’ extremely low-fat diet The author of some 25 books on nutrition, dieting, and health, Gittleman is America’ self-described ‘First Lady of Nutrition.’ The Fat Flush Plan became a bestselling diet book in 2002. It received additional publicity in the 2006 film Last Holiday starring Queen Latifah.


The theory behind the fat flush diet is that eating the correct combinations of foods and eating more often will increase the body’ metabolism and lead to the efficient burning of fat.


-The diet is developed by a certified nutrition specialist
-Fat Flush Plan provides quick and significant weight loss
-Fat Flush diet helps to cleanse the organism
-Diet promotes exercising
-The diet menu is well-balanced


-The Fat Flush diet is too low in calories

-Dieting can be quite expensive

-Defining liver as a fat burning furnace is too hyperbolized

the fat flush plan book