Art Director

visual performing arts

1) Job duties/responsibilities

1) Determine how best to represent a concept visually.

2) Determine how best to represent a other desigh elements to use

3) Determine which photograph at other designs elements to use.

4) develop the overall look or style of publication and advisory campaign , or a theatre, television or film set.

5) Supervise design staff.

2) Days and hours worked

1) Most art directors work full time, which is 40 hours a week.

2) If they have a deadline they will work overtime.

3) Potential Work Environment

1) Advisory public relations and related service.

4) Opportunities for Advancement

1) Multimedia artist and animators, fashion designers.

2) Graphic Designers, Writers and Authors.

5) Employment Outlook

1) Its going to grow by 3% by the year 2022 which is slower than other occupations.

2) If you have a good portfolio you may get a better job.

6) Education Training Required

1) Arts of Bachelor of fine art degree.

2) Work Experience.

7) Important Personality Characteristics for person seeking employment in this field

1) Communication Skills

2) Creativity

3) Leadership Skills

4) Time Management Skills

8) Work and Volunteer Experience that would lead to employment in this Career Area

1) They have to have good grades.

2) Take on going art classes, ect.

9) Advice you would give to someone who wants this job.

1) I wouldn't go write to being a art director. I would try similar Art jobs, then try art director in the future.

2) Do readings that deal with being an Art Director.

10) Where would I go for further information about this job?

1) Art Director club

2) Art Director Guide

11) A related career

1) Graphic Designer

2) Fashion Designer

2) Craft and fine Artists

4) Multimedia Artists and Animators ext.

12) Three Positive aspects about the career

1) Annual wages for art directors is $80,880.00 a year.

2) You can be creative , view others design and give your opinion on it.

3) enjoy what they do best at.

13) Three Negative Aspects of the job.

1) 40 hours a week plus long projects.

2) Art Director job grows 3% slower than other occupations.

3) Need 5 years of work experience or more.

14) A maybe position

  • well as I see it a great position and great pay but it takes lots of work to get in such of a position as a art Director. It has no train meaning you have to know what your doing when you get in and that may take about 5 years or more that why it might be a job i do later in life but i would rather try a different position before i decid to do that kind of position. I believe I would start other position so i could have more experience in it.