Classifying Animals

Mammals, Birds, Fish, Reptiles, Amphipians

How do we classify animals?

Animals with similar characteristic traits are organized into groups called a classification. Do you know the traits of each classification?


  • have hair or fur
  • vertebrate- have a backbone
  • give birth to live babies
  • have lungs and need air to breathe
  • warm blooded

Which is not a mammal?


  • have feathers
  • have wings
  • lay eggs
  • vertebrate
  • 2 legs
  • have ear holes instead of ears

Which is not a bird?


  • live in water
  • lay eggs
  • have scales
  • have fins
  • breathe with gills
  • cold blooded

Which is not a fish?


  • have scales
  • have dry skin
  • usually lay eggs, sometimes give birth
  • 4 legs or no legs
  • ear holes instead of ears
  • cold blooded

Which is not a reptile?


  • live in water and on land
  • breath with gills and lungs
  • moist smooth skin
  • lay many eggs at one time

Which is not an amphibian?