Chilly Children

January 11th - 15th


This is our 3rd and final week learning about main idea and key details. In the preassessment students could identify key details but not the main idea. Last week we returned from break to continue our learning with the article "Bats Did it First." As we read and discussed, students filled out a graphic organizer and came up with the idea that the way bats "see" inspired a way to make a more efficient cane for blind people. The main idea of the small group books were that all kinds of different inventions are inspired by nature. Students really enjoyed the content of the text this week and the main idea seemed to come much easier that before winter break.

This coming week students will continue identifying key details and main idea with text on the Oregon trail and pioneers. We will also review our learnings from weeks 1-3 in Unit 3 in preparation for our district unit test next week.


This week we will finish up Unit 5. The unit started with lessons on Fractions and last week we worked with some strategies to solve multiplication problems. We will finish the unit with lessons on:

My goal is to have the data for you by the weekend and next newsletter.


Students finished and turned in their simple machine projects before winter break. This past week we started our study of animal classification. We are doing a series of investigations and whole class lessons to understand what is classification before we break into groups to learn about each animal group.

This week students worked together to learn about vertebrates and invertebrates. In their groups they used beads, washers, and pipe cleaners to build a model of a backbone to better understand what makes an animal a vertebrate.

Students also worked in groups to sort a bag of random objects different ways. This activity was a big hit as students walked away with the big idea that animals have different characteristics that are used to classify them.


In Computer this week we continued our study of coding with a lesson on loops. A loop would be a repeated action, such as a chorus in a song or motions in a dance. Students wrote their own algorithms that contained loops in the form of a dance. We have seen so many connections this year between coding and math. Students see that math is full of algorithms that they perform to get the desired outcome. Coding has also provided opportunities to talk about perseverance and looking at problems from different perspectives as students work to problem solve learning puzzles.

Webster Dining Night Out

This week is Webster's Family Dining Night Out at Z'Mariks. You will need the flyer or a photo of the flyer for the school to get 50% of your sale. 50%! PTO advised that patience is a must and to expect to carry out since Z'Mariks doesn't have a large seating area.

Recess Reminders

The winter weather procedures at Webster are if it feels like 10 degrees or colder we stay inside. Anything else, students go outside. In order for students to play in the snow they must have snow boots, snow pants, winter coat, and gloves. If they are missing any of those items students will stay on the black top to play.

Please encourage your students to dress appropriately for cold weather. Not only is it cold outside but our room can also be quite chilly too.

Class Happenings

Jan. 11th- Day D

Ben's Birthday

Mind Up and PE

Jan. 12th- Day E

Guidance and Library

Jan. 13th- Day A


Computer Lab and PE

Jan. 14th- Day B


Jan. 15th- Day C