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Keeping It Real! STEM Learning & Literature

Willow Bend students are making 21st century connections to real world situations. This month, the focus is on architecture. Authentic learning opportunities this month included activities with constructing models of real landmarks, designing a model of a working fountain, and creating blueprints for a castle. Check-out some of these activities below.

Technology Spotlight

Growing Minds.... One Page at a Time


Does your child love to listen while you read a story? We know that reading aloud to a child is one of the best ways to build vocabulary and develop comprehension skills using higher-level books.

If your child would like to hear more stories on tape, check-out the playaways in the library. Playaways are an updated version of books-on-tape. Each playaway comes with headphones that plug into a book cartridge. Students simply plug the headphones into the cartridge, and turn on the device. It's as easy as that!