Class Meetings

Week of February 16-19th

From the Character Lab: What does Research Say about SOCIAL IQ

Dr. Marc Brackett of the Yale Center for Emotional Intelligence talks with Character Lab about emotional intelligence.

Research shows that social/emotional intelligence is positively associated with functioning competently in society, being liked by others, having a stronger support system (friends and family), having healthy relationships, having better mental health, and problem-solving more effectively. By helping to improve people’s social relationships, social and emotional learning programs have been shown to enable participants to demonstrate greater enjoyment of and stronger performance in school and engage less in risky behavior (including drug use and violence).

Video of Dr. Brackett

I highly encourage you to watch this video to help understand the importance of teaching your students about Social IQ. The first step is to MODEL on a daily basis. The video is short and well worth your time. In the video, he references how to implement those micromoment lessons that are integrated instead of an isolated "guided" lesson. The example he uses is that of taking time to discuss during a read aloud how characters are connecting, the emotions and feelings that are being expressed. I know that several of you do this daily, but I want to share with you some titles that you are welcome to borrow from my library to use during a class meeting if you so choose.

The Way I FEEL

Lacey Walker Non-Stop Talker

The Worst Part of My Day

Sandwich Swap

Stand Tall Molly Lou Melon

Jamaica's Find

Upper Grades-4th-5th

Any Chapter book

one of my favorties: 100 Dresses

Take time to share the Characters Social IQ for students to make real-life connections!